Five more items on the state of Western democracies: Links 2, February 5, 2021

1. Pierre Poilievre on the consequences of Trudeau and various provincial premier’s lockdown policies

2. Why did Trudeau partner with China on creating a treatment for the Wuhan Flu?

3. Here is a link to the movie, Absolute Proof, on the election steal that took place in the United States on November 3rd, 2020.

I have not seen it all yet. Some of it is good, some of it is not proof at all unless you can source the graphs and prove the claims. I say this even though I have no doubt of the truth of the claims. But to call it absolute proof, we want sources and solid ones for some of the claims.

However the real election steal, even if not a word of this movie is true, took place with social media giants like Twitter and Facebook and Youtube and of course, Google tuned its ubiquitous search engines to give you negative news about Trump and otherwise dishonestly influenced the election along with the legacy media to the point where perfectly reasonable and nice people, even conservatives, hated president Trump with a passion over things that were utter fabrication.

So this movie aside, the election was stolen and it was brutal. But they most likely didn’t need a single election fraud to do it.

4. Interesting interview with Burma’s deposed leader, San Suu Kyi. But its odd. The video looks old. Like old film. And the aspect ratio is also 1970s TV square.

5. Tucker Carlson: More on the Bank of America rape of its own customer’s privacy

Thank you all for your caring about our mutual and individual freedoms.

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3 Replies to “Five more items on the state of Western democracies: Links 2, February 5, 2021”

  1. There is no coincidence on why Canada doesn’t have the ‘life-saving’ vaccine for Canadians. This was clearly done on purpose so that they (politicians) can continue with the lockdowns. Politicians completely disregard rational alternative discussions as their narrative deteriorates with low death counts and hospitalizations. Our focus now is on healthy young new cases! This is happening all around the world without regard to your political leanings. Figure it out people, there really is another agenda, and it’s not a conspiracy.

  2. Pierre Poilievre – Can’t say it any plainer, or more truthfully.
    True, but Pierre is disregarding the most important parts of this discussion. He knows the real answer on why Trudeau is allowing all these jobs losses. Pierre had a petition going a couple of months ago on the great reset. He needs to do a deep dive on central bank money printing, the vaccine agenda, decimation of the small/medium sized businesses, and controlling the masses, to name just a few.

  3. Pierre is a puppet of the sortaconservitive party. They are aloud to squeak a little to give the elusion there is an opposition.
    His petitions have no impact, haven’t you noticed that he has removed the number of how many signs a petition? I confronted him a few months back when we almost reached a million signatures and poof the number disappeared.
    The reason is that all of a sudden they realized they might have to do something.

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