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4 Replies to “Tucker Carlson busts Bank of America for grotesque abuse of their client’s privacy”

  1. “…They don’t define who domestic violent extremists are,” said Ralph.
    “He who is not a sheep!” pronounced Stan as he took another guzzle of his beer. “They’re talking about you, pal.”
    “Right. What about you?” Ralph said.
    “Sure. You’re the one who wears his MAGA hat just when he goes fishing, like nobody sees you.”
    “”Actually–all joking aside–it’s all a pretty clear proof that this onset of tyranny is not a conspiracy theory, or our imaginations in any way. Then, once you see this, you have to look at the pandemic, climate change, Agenda 30, every aspect of cultural Marxism and its identity politics–every fucking wonky thing that stinks.” Stan stared straight ahead, needing no approval of his statement of fact. He calmly sipped his beer.
    “Alright, so you see something so clear it puts a spotlight on the whole thing. What’s that?”
    “Our country is crawling with Chinese communist spies, Russians, Persians, Arabs, criminal gangs, and now, suddenly, it’s Trump voters who are gonna face the full force of the deep state law apparatus. –And they make no secret of this purge. It says every everything about everything. The real bad guys get a pass. The only enemy to the state is now the political enemy. If this doesn’t make you question whether all these things I mentioned are no coincidence, then I don’t know what does.”

    Stan and Ralph went back to sitting and saying nothing, which was how they preferred to spend their time together. Stan wondered when they would go fishing again.

  2. You know what really happens, right?

    There’s effectively a second set of rules. With the banks *permitted* to release this kind of information, failure to do so upon request becomes an invitation to “having problems” from the authorities.

    I’m “sure”, for example, that the following two stories are entirely unrelated:



    That’s what happens in real life to those who don’t “cooperate”.

  3. This is a legal gray are, back in 2008 the US Government gave a lot of the big banks loans to bail them out during the economic crash. During the Obama years the Government refused to take case to repay the loans and insisted on stock in the Banks. With the government being a major stock holder in the Banks it is questionable how much right they have to demand the customer records.

    I remember some people discovering this fact in 2010 and freaking out.

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