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6 Replies to “Toronto elite, Mayor John Tory, busted ordering his constituents to stay home while it seems that he was enjoying a nice Florida getaway”

  1. I think at this point we should all be clear: this is a feature, not a bug.
    They are showing us clearly the world they are creating; the world where the parasite elites dance on Times Square at midnight while the unwashed masses have been chased away to hide in their burrows, to await the next restriction, the next indignity, the next freedom lost.

  2. the last party that the Shah of Iran gave
    comes to mind

    the reaction. was not good for most people

    whose money is propping him up? People who need votes don’t behabe like this.

  3. Yup. And I wanted to suggest to Eeyore: oh, believe them. Their actions are showing us all the truth of what is going on. Like the Anons used to say… they always show the truth behind their lying, misdirecting words.

  4. I like how the city has monetized homelessness, suffering and unaffordable housing. Go Johnny go! There is no accountability in a constitutional monarchy. Welcome to clown world.

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