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8 Replies to “On the morality of lockdown regulations, and the scientism behind them”

  1. But…I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m just suspicious of being a guinea pig to an untested politicized device imposed by fear-mongering and thus-far indirect force. If we could witness every globalist luminary and their children (right) get the injection 100% verified, I wouldn’t necessarily take it myself, but I would eat popcorn at the show.

    • There was a knock at the door.
      “Hi, we wrote to you about mandatory fire cladding…”
      The home owner, in a night gown, bleary-eyed, annoyed replied, “this house has been here over 140 years…”
      Yes, we know, the roof is angled for severe snow, but we don’t get this any more. Also, the blocks of flats around you weren’t there. Now, with our extremely hot summers, all we are enforcing, is fire protection.”
      The home owner looked at the town planner, a clone of those who went before, and said, “because of you, I have to take this medicine so as not to spread a fire to other buildings?”

      There was a startled double-think, a trigger questioning if a hate-crime had been committed.
      “It is what it is. Social crowding dictates this vaccine. Use it or go to prison and at worst your building is turned into rubble”
      “May I use my own builders depot…”
      “No. Government agencies only.” He, who mostly identified as her, gave her – and who only identified as her – a form ” You could move away,” she said as she walked off, confident her camera had recorded everything.

      Before this sleepy soul could close her door…
      “Excuse me, have you had the covid vaccination?”
      “No, knock the other buildings down!”

  2. We’re stuck in the Battles and Schemes of Old Men and Women.
    The Deceits, Vindictiveness of Men and Women whose time has passed.
    They call it the New Normal, the New World Order,
    it is DESTRUCTION merely
    Fight with me now, and I promise you no protection of Law or Grace.
    I fight for what you know to be pure and worthy.
    But I fight in the Shadows, and in these shadows I have lost sight of the Scruples of Justice and the little details of Christs Morality.
    Fight with me NOW, and we shall try the Mettle of this New World of theirs.

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