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2 Replies to “Montreal girl fined $3000.00 for walking her boyfriend like a dog to beat curfew”

  1. It is a country full of useful idiots. Wake up, Klaus Schwab, the vile globalist, says “Peers can be convinced they are at risk and will only be safe if everyone’s behaviour conforms to certain standards.”
    Agenda 2030: Tech companies are the way of the future, people want to be kept safe from germs and will better harmonize humanity with nature. we need to continue until 2022. the new normal is Pandemics and Climate Change.

    We are being infiltrated, mandated, managed, and told our world must change by sheer madmen. Any politician who tells the citizens to report their neighbour, friends or family should be forced to step down. we have gone through this behaviour before and millions of people died.

    Please read the global platform. People like Soros, Schwab, Gates are soulless, pathetic tyrants, and your best interests are not part of their plan. They have taken down the President of the United States, you are nothing.

    Remember after WWII people said they had no idea what Hitler was doing. Bullshit, they did’t care as long as they were safe. Here we go again, collaborators and cowards abound.

    Good God, stop the madness, stand up for your children, your Grandchildren’s future.

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