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7 Replies to “Brad Johnson Afghanistan update”

  1. I knew China was going to move to a foreign adventure to give the Chinese People something to think about other then the many failures over the last couple of years. Moving into Afghanistan never occurred to me

    • They do Pakistan, that’s doing Afghanistan. Dealing with the latter as if it’s a nation apart from the former never made sense.

      Patchwork of tribes poorly stitched together across borders. A Taliban – or other flavor jihadi – will have a brother from another mother in Pakistan’s Inter-services intelligence forces.

      It’s an infinite sink. Where empires go to die.
      Russians shudder when they hear their name for Afghanistan. Our GIs have their own horror stories.

      Have at it Xi !

      • Even with Biden in the White House the CCPs time is limited, they are in slow motion collapse and the best Biden’s help will do is keep it as a slow motion collapse. If he is somehow prevented from helping them it will turn into a rapid collapse.

        • I could see Xi slaughtering millions, hundreds of millions of his own people. When the “mandate of heaven” is changing, masses of Chinese people die. Their warlords transitions are exceptionally bloody.

      • And well they should, the world is poised to experience a series of small to medium sized wars that will either give the appearance of a World War or will turn into a World War.

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