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3 Replies to “Two of the most cynical things in human history”

  1. I embroidered made in Wuhan on my mask and received many dirty looks and many nasty remarks.

    Yesterday I was told by a woman I have known for years, I have to wear a mask outside. I laughed and walked away. I saw a sweat shirt that says “After this virus is gone, I still do not want to talk to these people.

    Frightening, fragile, feckless, freaks frowning at me.

  2. Few people have addressed the obligation of mask-wearing as a hostage situation. This applies as much to the common folk as to the police officers. Hostage to the government.

    There are two types of common folk, and both are powerless: those who submit and will impose it on others, and those who speak out against it while wearing it, although the latter has more power over the former.

    And the police officers. They are human, therefore they hate it, but they enjoy more the power it confers onto them thus they accept it.

    Both photos, it’s a hostage situation and both photos relay a psychological good vs evil situation. And both are assigned to government.

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