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23 Replies to “President Donald Trump LIVE Broadcast set to start at 3:00 PM ET”

  1. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/live-updates-biden-transition-1-12-2021

    Look at this! After four years of watching the FBI and the Justice Department aggressively ignoring all manner of serious crimes committed by leftists then suddenly, now that it’s Trump-supporters being accused, they are enthusiastically determined to prosecute to the full extent of the law and to bring every single one of the perpetrators to justice. This is intolerable! Now watch them draw out these prosecutions for the next two years, eagerly blaming Donald Trump for every smashed window and broken chair…

    The Democrats feel about Trump-supporters exactly the way Adolf Hitler felt about the Jews. They are truly behaving like an enemy rather than just people who vote differently. They would put us all in concentration camps if they had the power. This is getting scary…
    They are acting like people who are dreaming of genocide… “Cut the tall trees”…

        • The globalists have not a few with population control/eugenic aspirations as now with automation they do not need masses of people. They ae only targeting whites now as they are so easy to target. The others’ turn will come. Once the west is under, the famines and more effective Covid clones will come and we will be down to 1 billion(a stated desirable number IIRC) within a century and the Pizza Purchase anecdote will become reality and no one lifted a finger or pulled with one and we are even too scared to talk about it. If I were an ancient Roman I should throw myself on my sword now but I am not certain a Kukri would work there.
          ? The bread knife : )
          No! I will watch reality TV for a week and throw myself out of the window to end the pain. : )

          • Roman softies usually got into a hot bath, took a sharp knife, made the right cuts, then gently bled out.

            (Sometimes they got a slave to do the cutting.)

            It was considered honorable.

  2. This Trump speech was no big deal, in the context of the election and whatnot, but the main stream news response to this ho-hum speech is pretty special. Their masterful editing and spin turned him into a Marvel Comic level super-villain.

    The msm and elites still need him to be the object of hate. They’re not done with him.

    He probably just wants to retire but they’re not going to leave him alone.

    • Exactly right. Trump is the latest in a series of historical people, both real, fictitious and mythological, who rose from the people, offered the people a great good and was to clean the swamp of corrupt oligarchs, tyrants, plutocrats and otherwise powerful people who rule with no concern for the nature of the job or the people who elected them, and then, the evil rulers wage a propaganda campaign against them, humiliate them, beat them, diminish their reach and stature in every possible way, and ultimately kill them, usually on a hill.

      While a double impeachment on Capitol Hill is more metaphoric than usual, its not over yet. But your analysis is exactly right. They will not rest until President Trump has been destroyed, and that includes his legacy, and even the very memory of him.

      I am not a biblical scholar. So I invite anyone who is here to explain how and why the apostles all turned on Jesus. Or Caesar’s closest all stabbed him in the back. And there are examples of this arc from Roman, Greek, Ancient Egyptian and many other ancient civilization’s histories. Its time we actually learned from them for a change.

      • No its not over, with the left intent on totally destroying Trump and his supporters it will not be over until one side has destroyed the other.

        • And as we cannot organize properly online, we cannot meet in person, and we cannot discuss what should be done, even here, then we are defeated already. It will be witch hunt as the weak collaborate and swap sides. Just look at how islam took over North Africa (post invasion) ideologically to gain a clue and then sit back and admire the courage and belief of the Copts.

  3. “I hope Nancy gets [artisanal ice cream in]. The head
    A fantasy of mine, along with pencil neck, schemer and a few other very creepy democrats from Niger…”

    Why do these ‘sound bites’ suddenly pop up? No one here wishes Americans dead even in fantasy.

    What a jerk thing to troll.

    • Yes Pelosi always looks like a starving vampire and technically may well be (un)dead already so I doubt the efficacy of a non silver bullet :))
      However high moral ground is your comment it is EXACTLY that attitude that has us in this mess. Some things ARE worth fighting for and if you are willing to die for them then what is wrong with the ENEMY dying also? And Pelosi is ENEMY.
      The attacked comment may be considered inappropriate but your IMO is woeful, all things considered.
      Only in the current climate of Republican collaborators, is your comment is appropriate.

      • Michelle,

        “However high moral ground is your comment it is EXACTLY that attitude that has us in this mess.”

        Actually it’s the low moral ground that has got us into this mess. The high moral ground build strong families and nations

        To criticize policy, is healthy. To speak of killing a US political representative? Nah, they will at best close down Vlad’s website, at worst have the FBI hunting down political dissidents.

        “Some things ARE worth fighting for and if you are willing to die for them then what is wrong with the ENEMY dying also? And Pelosi is ENEMY.”

        Nancy Pelosi is not the enemy. Her resentment is. Those making their deepest fears into prides of anger, and reinventing themselves as being always righteous.

        Her hatred for Trump appears to be what she sees as the evil White Christian Patriarchy. He is a racist that cares for America first, she cares for the World first. She is blinded and cannot look deeper into what Trump wants and that is, what economic freedoms bring and protecting them from thieves. Whereas, there are no illegal aliens for Pelosi, just humans that need feeding. The virtue of giving.

        Therefore, only evil calls other people evil and has them shot. These ditches are very, very long.

        As one says to every child, “get your head out of the box.” so they can see all that is around them. To inoculate them with wisdom and into not hating back. To be wise as a serpent and as gentle as a dove. We fight ideologies on a website, not flesh and blood.

    • Those standing in rhe place of the Left can shout any murderous fatwas, riot for any cause of Hate and Exclusion, pick apart any child for affection and still be guiltless… but if those who claim thay stand in the place of Right, do or say any one thing wrong, that proves to the those hiding in their Safe Space in the Left why all men cannot be trusted!

      These childhoods that were failed. And you claim by acting like them, you will win them back?

      They will double down.
      Hell has no greater fury than these femaleds scorned.

      They need you to be perfect. This is in order to lead them out from their pits of hope and despair and nothing working.

      There is little thanks to walk among them. Don’t make their comfort easier: “we are just like you.”

      • I am sorry to read your posts as you obviously have not yet learnt that the survival of not only the west but perhaps of much of humanity is under dire threat. Study the ONLY way the allies learned to win in the pacific war and it was not by morality. You views are idealistic no matter how morally bound they be and yes, it would be nice to sit there on mount HMG and watch us all be thrown to the lions smug in our righteousness. But such does not and never did win anything. My opinions are based upon the fact that this is a WAR according to them, the enemy, and unless we fight back we are finished. I have no intention of actually hurting anyone BUT if threatened I have learnt the hard way that bending the knee does NOT solve any problems and in fact encourages the enemy. Only replying in like and I do NOT mean by fixing elections
        Remember Churchill’s word on appeasers; as a refusal to recognize the current reality; is just that.
        If such as you are in the majority, we have no hope as the woke illness is meant to bind you that way.
        For the record i am not saying that Pelosi should be assassinated but that holding such a view but doing nothing about it is NOT a crime… yet.
        It must be nice to be so perfect.

        • Eeyore….. wipe all of these posts if they worry you. Moderators are coming out of the woodwork on many sites that were previously sensible and IMO the financial blackmail is hurting. If any of my posts make you unhappy then delete them as I do understand.

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