Dr. Simone Gold explains some of the much needed details about the ‘vaccine’ and Wuhan Flu treatments: Links 1, January 12, 2021

1. ANTIFA or Muslims go for a Jewish restaurant in Portland

2. CBC Radio Spreads Falsehood of Israel Denying Palestinians the COVID Vaccine

(CBC is an organ of enemy propaganda. Even if they publish something that seems like it’s going against the narrative, it’s because we don’t understand the actual agenda behind its publication. For example when they busted the Canadian military for some weird propaganda effort against Canadians using a plot from the Irish sitcom, Father Ted, to frighten people with wolf sounds in one Canadian province, it was likely part of the propaganda exercise itself, rather than a bust of one.)

On January 5, we took the CBC to task for adopting the canard that Israel denied Palestinians the COVID-19 vaccine. This antisemitic trope and dog whistle lacked credibility and shouldn’t be appropriated by our public broadcaster.

As we noted at the time:

1. Israel isn’t required to provide vaccines to Palestinians who, according to the Oslo Accords, the PA provides healthcare to its own citizens.

2. That said, Israel has provided some vaccines, though the Palestinian Authority reiterated it’s sourcing 4 million vaccines independently from Russia.

3. Israel vaccinates all citizens, Jews and Arabs alike.

4. The Palestinian Authority should stop paying millions of dollars of terrorist salaries through the “pay for slay” program, along with clamping down on rampant corruption which enriches Palestinian leaders and work to supply vaccines faster to its people.

(Now that Biden and the Democrats are in full control. we can expect the Middle East peace deal to be blown up shortly, and the nation of Israel had better start on rapid reverse alchemy if they hope to remain a nation state.)

3. Parler speaks to Tucker Carlson on his cancellation by Amazon AWS

4. Dr. Simone Gold on the nature of the ‘vaccines’ (This is very good and revisits the obvious in a time where the obvious is in effect, illegal) (Thanks Maplewood for the good link. Will restore to 3Speak if they censor this again)

(I put vaccine in scare quotes because if the experimental RNA tech they are injecting is a vaccine, then so is heroin. Because they only thing it has in common with a traditional vaccine, is that they are both administered by injection)

5. Our Danish corespondent, Tania Groth sent in this video showing harsh actions in Denmark and where “Merry Christmas” can be read at one point on a sign in the video, suggesting its recent. But we have no idea what this is about. If this is a Covid measures police action, it would be great to know.

Thank you Michelle, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, PePi, Johnny U., PC., Tania Groth, Hellequin GB., Kontrarian Kim, and many more who are on top of moving targets with courage and determination.



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7 Replies to “Dr. Simone Gold explains some of the much needed details about the ‘vaccine’ and Wuhan Flu treatments: Links 1, January 12, 2021”

  1. 4.
    “A group of more than 40 physicians from various Italian regions, who claim that hydroxychloroquine can stop disease progression in early-stage patients, filed a complaint to an administrative court in the Lazio region, asking for the ban to be suspended and to make the drug reimbursable by the National Health Service for Covid-19 patients. They lost, but brought the case to Consiglio di Stato, which hears appeals on administrative rulings. The ban was reversed on 11 December.

    “In a way, the ruling reverses the burden of proof, stating that AIFA failed to prove that the drug lacks effectiveness and safety” says Amedeo Santosusso, a former judge and president of the European Centre for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT) at the University of Pavia.”

    “In the ruling, the administrative judges stated that the evidence provided by AIFA on both counts was not enough to limit the individual doctors’ decisional autonomy, which Italian laws guarantee. The ruling only refers to the use of the drug in the first days since the outset of symptoms and in low dosage, stating that “it is evident that it has no effect in the late stages of the disease or for its prevention”.”

  2. 4.

    “For the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, the synthesized mRNA is cloaked in a lipid nanoparticle in order to evade the immune system when it’s injected. Once it’s inside a cell, the ribosomes will get to work pumping out the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2.

    The immune system then mounts a response to that protein, conferring immunity to the virus without ever having been infected by it.

    Essentially, instead of pharma producing the proteins via an expensive and difficult process, mRNA enlists the body to do the work. The capability to produce mRNA so rapidly is one reason these vaccines are out front in the global race for a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Never Been Done Before?

    That’s not completely true. While an mRNA vaccine has never been on the market anywhere in the world, mRNA vaccines have been tested in humans before, for at least four infectious diseases: rabies, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and Zika.”

    Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE)
    “The simple definition of ADE is “raising antibodies that don’t protect, but actually make a viral infection even worse”. And obviously, that’s the opposite of what you want. Remember that there are “neutralizing” antibodies as opposed to non-neutralizing ones – a neutralizing antibody, as the name implies, binds to its target in a way that shuts its function down. That’s generally done by blocking the “business end” of a given protein target, smothering the binding surface that it would need to do its usual job. For the coronavirus, a straightforward example of a neutralizing antibody would be on that binds to the tip of the Spike protein, the receptor-binding domain (RBD) that is the part that recognizes and binds to the human ACE2 protein on a cell surface. Block that thoroughly enough, and it would seem that you have blocked the virus’s ability to infect your cells”

    “But there are also plenty of ways to get non-neutralizing antibodies, ones that stick to some part of the coronavirus particle without really inconveniencing it much. That’s obviously useless, and antibody-dependent enhancement takes things down another notch, from useless to outright harmful. With ADE, the binding of such an antibody actually assists the virus, by (for example) actually making it easier for the virus to get taken up through the outer membranes of human cells.”

    • More on ADE, published March 30, 2020, i.e. BEFORE huge piles of money had been committed to specific companies and their products.

      Avoiding pitfalls in the pursuit of a COVID-19 vaccine

      As they race to devise a vaccine, researchers are trying to ensure that their candidates don’t spur a counterproductive, even dangerous, immune system reaction known as immune enhancement.


  3. 2/ via The Elder of Ziyon:

    Palestinians making deals to import Russian vaccine. @Amnesty, @Btselem and other “human rights” organizations OPPOSE this.

    The Palestinian Authority has given emergency authorization to Russia’s Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, Health Minister Mai al-Kaila announced on Monday. They are the first Middle Eastern government to approve the vaccine

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund, which financed Sputnik V, said that the first batch of vaccines are expected to be sent to the Palestinians in February.

    And major “human rights” organizations who have embarked on a huge publicity campaign to smear Israel have publicly opposed Palestinians receiving the Russian vaccine.

    Let me repeat that: organizations like B’Tselem and Amnesty International, who pretend to care about human rights, are dead-set against Palestinians using the Sputnik vaccine.

    Last month, ten supposed human rights organizations signed a letter opposing Palestinians using the Russian vaccine.…

    “The PA has not fully indicated which vaccines it aims to purchase and distribute, although it has made clear that it does not have sufficient funds and capabilities to purchase the necessary vaccinations. Israel cannot transfer a vaccine which is not approved for its own citizens.…

    “Israel must ensure that the vaccines delivered to Palestinians in the OPT, also meet the approvals of the Israeli health system, and that these vaccines be purchased and delivered as soon as possible.”

    …We have supposed human rights organizations who actually want to impede Palestinians from taking life-saving vaccines. And the only reason is because they loathe Israel enough to be willing to sacrifice Palestinian lives.

    This is behavior one would expect from Hamas or Al Qaeda, not respected NGOs.. Their position is the exact opposite of human rights.

    Beyond that, they are saying that the Palestinian Authority is too stupid and ignorant to do the research and decide which vaccines are appropriate for their people.


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  4. In the danish video…
    at a moment the people are saying “Freedom in Denmark. We had got enough.”
    So, it is about an anti-lockdown protest.

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