There are already charges in court for the election theft in Italy concerning Leonardo Co. where votes were switched from Trump to Biden


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7 Replies to “There are already charges in court for the election theft in Italy concerning Leonardo Co. where votes were switched from Trump to Biden”

    • What good does it do when America is suppressing this info? We need proof not just words & we need Americans to see the proof. Without it sadly it means nothing.

      • The left has taken down Western Civilization by going outside the institutions of Western civilizaiton, especially law. They are using doctrines of war like the Chinese unlimited Warfare, the Pakistani Koranic concept of War, and Sun Tzu. All of which are designed to defeat an enemy much more powerful in conventional warfare.

        The West invested all its efforts in developing better kinetics. Think of it like wearing just the helmet of a suit of armour and otherwise going into battle naked. So long as you don’t aim for the head you win against such a pink knight.

        So what good it does to discuss these things?

        We need to understand that the institutions we built to protect our rights and freedoms are now literally our prisons. We will have to stop submitting to them and thinking of them in the usual terms.

        For a couple of examples:

        Conservatives typically reflexively support police. Thats like supporting drills or a table saw. We must be pro-police when they are tools of liberal democracy and protect our rights and freedoms and property and safety.

        We must be anti-police when they become state thugs.

        The same can be said of being “anti-war”. Which is pretty clearly a commie trick at this point. War is always a least worst choice. One goes to war when the cost of not going to war is higher than going. Like for instance if Jihadis or Nazis or Communists are taking over your country and planning to enslave you all in your own homes. Then going to war is far cheaper than not going and we have to be for it.

        So we have to start thinking at the correct level of abstraction. Because the left primarily uses that intelectual slight of hand to defeat us. They make false comparisons between things at a level of abstraction that doesn’t matter.

        “A hotel is the same as a crater on Mars because people can die in both of them”. A grotesquely exaggerated example but I hope you can notice it used in the wild by leftists with nearly every breath they take.

  1. But what GOOD will this do in the End?
    The little ones are getting shafted and their Employers walk into the Oval Office.

    One is called a Criminal and the other is called a Politician.
    The first is being hunted and prosecuted and the second is given Immunity and a Seat of Power.

    The World never seems to change in that way.

    • That’s what I have been asking myself and couldn’t answer. But seeing the question from someone else makes it easier.

      The United States Government, like all governments at some point, but espeically the US, operates by the consent of the governed.

      If people can be hit on the head enough with the truth, the Biden admin can get the legitimacy it richly deserves. Disempowering Biden and Harris and the criminal enterprise that is the Democrat Party is crucial and still can be done.

      The Democrats understood something patriots do not understand at all.

      That is that its possible to play off book. Patriots, Republicans, actual Americans, believe that these partizan battles take place within rules and institutions. That they compete for a chance to do what’s best for America.

      The Democrat Party left that field a long time ago, but made damn sure people did not really know they left it. The strength of the left is illusion.

      The Democrats, knowing Trump was the first existential threat to their fiefdom they had for along time, sought to delegitimize his administration in every way, throwing all rules away but pretending to operate within them. The Russia BS and the impeachment being stellar examples.

      The impeachment process was entirely outside the rules. But they did it knowing enough people would think it was meaningful that it would make it harder for President Trump to do anything, and deepen the hatred propaganda organs like CNN etc. had created against him.

      So now, we have to use the TRUTH of what the Democrats are and do, to delegitimize Biden et al. We no longer have ANY of the levers of power. Except all of them outside the rules. And we are going to have to use them all.

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