January 6 Trump rally Washington DC

As it is with the French Yellow Vest events, all the substance will be in the comments. SOME WILL BE POSTED HERE BELOW AS POSSIBLE Anyone discovering a good video or news item on tomorrow’s rally in Washington DC. please post to the comments of this post.



Black Lives Matters flag burned near Freedom Plaza in DC

Police mace patriots



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  1. I wrote this, specifically, for this day.

    One last cowboy beaten down
    Riding to his final stand
    Heading West, yes, ever West
    If even only in his mind
    To that old fabled promised land
    Then on the radio a tune comes up
    If only even in his mind
    Reminding him of that girl he knew
    So long ago and far away
    He wonders where she is today.

    The road is long the night is, too
    The stars tucked in their bed of blue
    Their twinkle white emerging bright
    From black the sun fades bloody red
    His Chevrolet old pick-up truck
    Eating dotted lines all up
    Just like she did when she was young
    In the year of our Lord, 1971.

    On and on this ribbon road
    Winding black all through his mind
    And on the radio a singer sings
    Of all the stars gone to the ground
    ‘Cause not enough good faith was found
    To let this one old cowboy stay
    Retired from his slingin’ days
    So here he heads to one last stand
    His faith still steel
    For his promised land.

    “Never give up!” he suddenly hears
    The radio song has suddenly stopped
    “You don’t give up, no matter what!”
    The cowboy spins the dim-lit dial
    It matters not–the tunes are gone
    On every station this same strange voice
    Yet familiar speaking straight to he
    Who heard it many years ago
    It is his father’s voice, you see.

    “I’m old now, Daddy, not like you knew
    Me as a strong young man of 22.”
    “–Doesn’t matter,” the radio says,
    “You don’t give up until you’re dead.”
    Then just like that, the voice is gone
    Back comes on the radio song
    The cowboy sheds just one tear more
    For his father lost into the sky.

    At 3 a.m. a road sign says:
    “Your Last Stand 80 Miles Straight Ahead.”
    Funny, that, the cowboy thinks
    Fate isn’t often so polite
    To announce its plans in black and white
    I realize the die is cast
    That good prevails because it must
    But like a roadside vigil of flowers laid
    The sign also says, brother
    You still must pray.

    Then finally at the long-drawn dawn
    In a ghost town of his mind, at least
    This cowboy beaten so far down
    Arrives upon his time and place
    This reckoning, his last good grace
    To save the promised land he loves
    Like one last cowboy, one sunrise
    He Trumps the best-laid plans of those
    Who seek to slay his wild West.

    In the early January frigid morn
    If even only in his mind
    He calls back up the sun so red
    He calls out every star so white
    He lays them on their bed so blue
    Then adds a stripe for me, and you
    And with guns ablaze he starts to fight
    Against the darkest evil known
    Relenting never, ever still
    Until his West is

    • Oh Johnny, thank-you.
      your words are pictures with music.

      Yes, we know who we are, where we come from. After every sunset we hear familiar voices encouraging us: those are the Stars who rose and will rise forever.

      The place of reckoning: here and now, Stars-&-Stripes, the Red-White-&-Blue.

      He’s with us. We’re the Good Guys, who never, ever give up.

  2. “TRUMP RALLY LIVE IN DC: President Donald Trump at Save America Rally at The Ellipse 1/6/21” – RSBN – Started streaming 2 hours ago

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