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7 Replies to “Brad Johnson update on Italy and the election fraud done on January 6, 2021”

  1. Most westerners are too comfortable to do the only possible thing that will stop this globalo-communist takeover with its aims of the eventual destruction of the west and possibly of the white race who are already second class citizens in not a little of it and yet do not realize it.
    The irony here is that the ongoing destruction of the meritocracy (“cheating in exams is just an alternate way of doing them”) will breed gross incompetence at all levels thus dropping the west slowly back to third world standards while the present capacity of the west to feed the rest will also go under and mankind itself will deservedly be under threat. I fully expect that the culling will drop the population to ~ 1 billion within a century unless the traitors within the west are sorted out and I cannot see it happening. Democracy has been under threat for some decades but to see it destroyed so blatantly like this and to still take no action has totally destroyed my faith in humanity.

  2. Hi Brad.

    Your closing statement that there may not be a single law enforcement official willing to touch the election fraud is something I never expected to witness in the US , but only in places like Russia , Venezuela etc.

    Unfortunately not only will the US suffer , but the Trudeau Party up here is gleefully learning more ways to corrupt elections in Canada (mail-in-voting was mentioned by Trudeau.)

    Best Regards

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