Assange freed? Senator’s family attacked by ANTIFA and more: Links 1, January 5, 2021

1. Leftist running for office weighs in on the police officer who was dragged to his death by 2 muslims in Alberta

2. In case there are still people that do not understand that this is a revolution taking place, and no counter-revolutionary action that might affect it will be tolerated by the pointy end of the Democrat/COMINTERN spear…

3. Rumour has it Julian Assange is USA bound, was released from his illegal detainment in the UK and headed for the US. Let us hope its for a full pardon. If Trump wants payback to the Democrats, THAT is how to get it.

(I would like to add that any question of Assange as an agent of enemy powers of the US or West should have been put to bed forever with the leak of the phone call where Assange called the CIA/State Department and furiously tried to help them protect people named in leaks. This information was kept from the public, although Assange did discuss it in his book, When Google Met Wikileaks. The recording of the call though, adds all the clarity even the harshest genuine skeptics would need to know Assange is not guilty of a crime.)

Scroll to the bottom of this document linked here.

4. Tomorrow in DC should be fun.

5. Zero Hedge: FDA Admits PCR Tests Give False Results, Prepares Ground For Biden To “Crush” Casedemic

The FDA today joined The WHO and Dr.Fauci in admitting there is a notable risk of false results from the standard PCR-Test used to define whether an individual is a COVID “Case” or not.

This matters significantly as it fits perfectly with the ‘fake rescue’ plan we have previously described would occur once the Biden admin took office. But before we get to that ‘conspiracy’, we need a little background on how the world got here…

We have detailed the controversy surrounding America’s COVID “casedemic” and the misleading results of the PCR test and its amplification procedure in great detail over the past few months.

As a reminder, “cycle thresholds” (Ct) are the level at which widely used polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test can detect a sample of the COVID-19 virus. The higher the number of cycles, the lower the amount of viral load in the sample; the lower the cycles, the more prevalent the virus was in the original sample.

(It makes perfect sense that the anti-trump elements of the Kleptocracy which much of the US machinery of state has become, would set it up to make a senile old tool of the Communist Chinese a hero by just changing one metric of the tests used to determine policy)

Thank you PePo, Kontrarian Kim, ET., EB., Johnny U., Sassy and MANY more who work hard to keep this community informed, and if not informed, at least provide viable alternatives to the narratives which are the real injections we should be suspicious of.

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  1. 2 – The antifa actions show what they will be like if Biden is sworn in, if Biden was President they wouldn’t stop with pounding on doors they would kick them open. We on the right much prefer to do things legal and let the law take care of the problem. When a major part of the problem is that the police and courts are corrupt we will (reluctantly) step up to fix the problem. The leftist might want to look at history and see what happens when the good people get pissed at the wanna be dictators.

    The left had better take a good hard look at the convoy of Patriots who are going to DC to show support for President Trump and his fight to prevent the left from stealing the election.

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