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8 Replies to “Full testimony of the ‘gold tie guy’ on proving election fraud”

  1. Vice President Mike Pence just asked a federal judge to toss Rep. Louie Gohmert’s lawsuit that attempted to increase Pence’s powers that would effectively allow him to overturn the election in Trump’s favor. That’s game over imo.

  2. The thing is that they already have Joe Biden on video committing high crimes and misdemeanors and laughing about it, just like Hillary Clinton laughing about murdering the President of Libya, and the Justice Department has simply refused to do act as the media shows no interest in the story. You can’t get any more busted than Biden already is busted. His corruption makes anything Richard Nixon ever did look like child’s play. Joe Biden used one billion dollars worth of US tax-payers money as a bludgeon against the leader of Ukraine to force him to fire the prosecutor who was looking into his son, Hunter’s, $80,000-a-month no-show job at Burisma Gas. BUSTED!!! You can’t get caught more red-handed than that! Crickets…

    Is it not now clear that the Democrats are immune from prosecution and can do anything they like to anyone they like any time they like. Go ask General Petreaus how he’s doing after they destroyed his elite golden retirement completely over a couple of notebooks in his secure desk that nobody saw and contained nothing secret. Go ask Roseanne Barr how she’s doing since the media decided to turn her into chum and ladle her off the back of the shark boat. They could catch Joe Biden murdering a church full of nuns and the Justice Department along with the media would just happen to be looking the other way and the story would drift into memory, and if anyone did remember it they’d be labeled a right-wing kook and they’d lose their job…

    The system isn’t heading for hell in a handcart, it has already arrived in hell and it’s time to get out of the handcart and burn your feet… Ow! Ouch! Yikes! Oh my! That’s good old-fashioned endemic systemic normalized corruption just like they have in all those “shithole” countries we like to look down on so much… How embarrassing…

    • Yes all of the Western Nations that use to be free are officially Third World Countries, most people don’t realize that, they think that in 4 years there will be another election and we can vote Biden or Kamala out of office. What we are doing is following the legal path so we can all say we did everything we could to correct this crime through the legal system.

      While I don’t know any more then you about what is happening I am making guesses based on Trumps actions. (He isn’t acting like someone who is leaving office on January 20th) JE Dyer’s articles about the changes in command at various military and intel organizations after the election. The video that was posted last week with the woman talking about the same command changes that JE wrote about. All of this says Trump has some plan but we don’t know what.

      I haven’t give up yet, the election isn’t settled until a new President is sworn in and even then one of the sides is going to keep fighting. I don’t know what is going to happen but I am sure that at least part of it will help us.

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