Election fraud, Ontario finance minister resigns, which helps no one, and HUGE PARTY IN WUHAN! Links 1, Last day of 2020

1. This video is nearly 2 hours and is of Giuliani testifying as to the nature of the various election fraud methods. This link shows what Georgia considers a signature match.

2. Fight for Trump!

3. Wuhan: New Years eve. Where it all began

4. BREAKING: ROD RESIGNS! Ontario finance minister gives up after caught tripping to St. Barts

(To celebrate this would be the most pointless form of schadenfreude. It isn’t that we want this minister to be added to the ranks of the suffering. It is that we demand the right to be free and make our own risk assessments exactly as he did. And his hypocrisy shows that there is no reason we shouldn’t and he knows it.)

Ontario premier Doug Ford has accepted the resignation of his (former) finance minister Rodney Phillips, after the MPP was caught in a Christmas trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy.

Minister Rod Phillips was part of the Progressive Conservative provincial government which imposed a brutal lockdown on Ontario families and businesses.

You can learn more details on the timing of Phillips’ Christmas vacation by visiting our FirePhillips.com petition page! Thank you to all who signed and helped us to force Doug Ford to take action.

5. Can anyone in Toronto verify this and send additional photos and name of location? If this is true, its quite a thing.

Thank you all who sent in materials this holiday week. More to come.


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  1. 2 – A great speech but I have to complain about one thing. The people who landed at Normandy weren’t boys, they weren’t kids, THEY WERE MEN the earned that title with blood, sweat. tears, body parts and their lives. no one has the right to call them anything else. I don’t care what their age was THEY WERE MEN, NOW CALL THEM BY THAT TITLE, MEN.

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