2020 goes out with a massive storm

Strongest low in the world heading towards Alaska

It’s quite the fitting ending for 2020.

On Wednesday, a monster storm was born across the western Pacific and caused record-breaking cold temperatures to stream east across Japan.

The interaction of the frigid air mass and a powerful Pacific jet stream allowed for the beginning of rapid intensification. As the Siberian air flowing across the western Pacific interacts with a warmer, sub-tropical flow south of Japan, it will create the necessary conditions to push the atmosphere to the limit by Thursday.

The storm statistics are jaw-dropping: Maximum winds will approach 200 km/h on the southern side of the low by Thursday and maximum individual wave heights are forecast to reach nearly 30 metres. The swell will propagate across the Pacific and there is the possibility that parts of western Vancouver Island could see 6 to 8 metre waves.

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