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5 Replies to “Brad Johnson reminds the Markle family that coffee grows on bushes”

  1. The adventures of Harry with Megan.

    She crushed him so bad, he’s now powerless.
    He no longer has a personality, per se.

    She wanted a Prince, then destroyed him.
    She used ‘sex’ to get him, he fell for it, and now I doubt he gets sex when he wants it.

    Worse, he’s stuck. In five years from now, he’ll be a remnant of his old self.
    Stuck with a female that will suck all his money should he leave her.

    • Bad luck, weak character. He was born to a dysfunctional couple, disastrous role models. He’s had more than his share of trauma in his life.

      He might also be really, really low-IQ. Emotionally too shallow to register much hurt.

      It’s just too bad this predatory female sunk her teeth and claws into him. Now with the baby as a tether, Harry won’t be able to walk away intact.

      • In full agreement with low IQ. You could see it. The guy is totally dependent on her. He never achieved anything of value in his life prior to Megan, except a photo on board a fighter jet.

        At first, I was upset at how she manipulates him. Now, I laugh.

        Does anyone remember when Megan said their unborn baby would be gender-less and Harry agreed? Well.. they now call it a boy.

        Low IQ: these are the people who will crush us and they are many.

        IMO: Harry can be worked into another ANTIFA.

  2. Harry gives the word “Pussy-whipped” a complete NEW LEVEL.
    He got “Markled”

    I had know Idea that you can grow Coffee-beans with Milk, since that’s what this moron Megan implies with “Vegan Coffee”

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