Whole of government appears to be lying about the condition of the feinting nurse, Tiffany Dover: Links 1, December 26, 2020

1. The UN record for 2020

2. Police have a person of interest

3. Remember the nurse that feinted after getting the Covid vaccine? She had some kind of condition that makes her feint when X, Y, or Z happens but she took the vaccine anyway and feinted? This video claims she is dead now.

This is very important. It would be good to have any kind of corroborating evidence. So far, USA today “Fact Check” says she is alive but its just a claim, like the one that she is not. Oregon Live at least has a photo of a masked woman they say is recent and is Ms. Dover. So that is potentially evidence that she is fine and working. I ran the same search on the same website, https://www.searchquarry.com/ but every time I tried the search it timed out for some reason.

When I searched for John Smith though I got a TON of results. So clearly they are repressing the search for Tiffany Dover. Whatever else we know or don’t know, once again we do know we are being lied to.

4. When police defend our liberties, safety and property they are heroes and deserve our love and support, and even where possible, privilege. When police are thugs of the state, they earn contempt. And anything short of defiance to them is being a traitor to your fellow man.

Let’s hope the tweet below is the beginning of where law enforcement personnel stands. Heroes for freedom, or state thugs in matching pants suits.

5. Reportage in Canada becoming controlled.

Speaking of Pearson Airport and politician’s elitist rules for themselves…


Thank you MarcusZ1967, Maplewood, Richard, Chris Jones, Wrath of Khan, Sassy, PC., Johnny U., DL Alberta, Gates of Vienna, Hellequin GB., MissPiggy, Yucki, Nash Montana, PePo, Oz-Rita, EB., ET., and MANY more who manage to hold their heads when so many are losing their own.

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8 Replies to “Whole of government appears to be lying about the condition of the feinting nurse, Tiffany Dover: Links 1, December 26, 2020”

  1. 3- In my best effort to be objective I dismissed this woman’s faint at the time as a common reaction to needles. She must now appear without a mask to allay worries of her death by vaxxx.

    • Agreed. If you read the handout you get when you have any vaccine, there is a description of the possibility of fainting, as well as of allergic reaction. You sign something that you may not have a chance to read, but it says that you agree to stay put for 20 minutes (or 15?) to ensure that you are OK.

      There is an amusing story I read some dozen years ago in which a physician sues his daughter’s doctor because she fell off the exam table after having had an immunization. The father blamed the doctor for allowing the daughter to be at a harmful height rather in a chair because all vaccines bear a risk of fainting. The amusing part was the negotiation that the father’s lawyer and the doctor’s lawyer engaged in: in a separate room they wrote down some monetary figures and then waited ten minutes so as not to alert either party that it was quite simple to arrive at an agreement. I believe the article explored causes rates for medical malpractice insurance to increase. The author maintained that the episode was normal human error on both sides, which could have been resolved without the need for attorneys to negotiate a settlement.

    • “CLAIM: Tiffany Dover, a nurse manager in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who fainted after receiving her first dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, is now dead.

      AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Claims of Dover’s death have no basis in reality. She was alive and working a shift at CHI Memorial Hospital on Monday, according to Lisa McCluskey, the hospital’s vice president of marketing communications.

      THE FACTS: Groundless theories continue to circulate online about a nurse who fainted after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, despite confirmation from the hospital that she is alive and well”

      • Yes, but we are also expected to believe Antifa a mere state of mind and not an organized terror group, and that Biden won fair and square, so a third-party endorsement of this woman being alive is no longer adequate for many people.

        • The more people who distrust the government the better for the left, they want massive chaos thinking they can use the chaos to seize power.

          • Yes this is certainly true. And getting the police to harm people doing normal things under grotesque Covid regs also adds fuel to the defund the police movement.

    • I agree. It’s her duty to show up in public. If there was a rumor of me being dead, I can assure you I would be on T.V to dispel such claims.

      Furthermore, the hospital would demand it and the vaccine maker also.

      Thus, yes, she died.

      As an add-on: When I first heard that she passes out when she feels pain, no way can she work as a nurse. She’s confronted to other people’s pain and blood on a daily basis. Also, she might hit herself and feel pain when on the job.

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