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3 Replies to “It is circulating that a Biden win was statistically impossible…”

    • We are living in dangerous times. After years of working in politics, the one thing I learned is you can NEVER get more votes than eligible voters. If this steal goes forward, God help us all, we have sunk lower than I ever thought possible. Mad men throughout history have been allowed to accomplish many deeds. It amazes me how people fall in line, believe what I think is unbelievable, close their doors, shut their eyes, and allow evil to prevail. PLEASE, please think about your children and your grandchildren’s future. Stop the madness, stop the steal, stop the monsters from accomplishing the “Great Reset”.

      Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara de la Serena were evil men who promised democracy.

      We are going down that road, follow the money. There is nothing greater than freedom, stand up for it.

      How much money is being poured into Georgia, to support the Marxists? “The devil went down to Georgia” should be their campaign song.

  1. Yes it was statistically impossible, the politically naive are willing to accept this steal saying it can be reversed in the next election. If this steal is allowed to stand the next election will be worse and it will show the world that in the US the rule of law and the US Constitution no longer apply. It will be special laws for special people, with a Federal Law Enforcement and Intelligence community that are weaponized to attack anyone that doesn’t toe the Dem Party line. God Help US.

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