Vaccine side effects report


Direct link to the report on the vaccine effects: click health button

CDC report on anaphylaxis following vaccine receipt

(The CDC report doesn’t seem to confirm Dr. Coleman’s claim that I have found yet. If someone knows where in the report it does support those claims from the video, please leave page # in comments)

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  1. This claim Eeyore? “The table lists the number of registrants with a recorded first dose by December 18th as 112,807 and the number of Health Impact Events as 3,150. ”

    It’s here in the CDC report-

    “V-safe Active Surveillance for COVID-19 Vaccines” is the title of the page you are looking for I think.

    The most troubling part to me in that table is the number of pregnant women that had the experimental vaccine.

  2. Alarmist and borderline hysteric.

    They've become another irritant of this plague. Every LGP finds an audience for recycled bromides. Every statistician is an epidemiologist, pick a side and stack your data. GIGO.

    Yes, vaccines like many other injectable medications can trigger anaphylactic shock. Penicillin, Versed, and Gabapentin will kill me in two minutes without immediate epinephrine. Bee stings will also do me in. This kind of reaction can run in families.

    Every time I get a flu shot I’m asked if I’m allergic to some ingredient in it. That’s routine. Are the guinea pigs asked medical history?

    The 2020 Vaccine Olympics warps protocol.

    It’s essential to screen out people who have a history of severe allergic responses to any component in the vaccine. They’ll be slightly different for each formulation.

    • Thing is, I know I’m allergic to penicillin, shellfish, latex, and a couple of other things, but the contents of a vaccine I don’t know. It’s a risky prospect in my mind.

    • Well, maybe or maybe not. My problem with the vaccine is this: I work in the lab department of a major US hospital. We have not seen a spike in deaths this year. All the many, many reports of hospitals overflowing are lies. If anything, hospital visits are down, overall. The administrators don’t care because hospitals are mostly government-subsidized, these days. If they report every fart and sneeze as a covid case, they get more federal grant money than if they report those cases honestly. That’s why it appears that the flu has vanished from the country this year.

      So. Taking all of this into account and knowing how crooked these people are in all their other dealings, why in God’s name would I skip like a fairy down to the vaccine line and let them stick me with whatever that filthy poison really is? Coronaviruses are RNA viruses; the “vaccine” against something like that doesn’t work like most other vaccines. It can trigger a persistent autoimmune disorder which can sicken or kill. So even if we disregard the borderline hysterics, this situation looks way too shady to be acceptable to me. I won’t be getting any covid vaccines anytime soon if I can avoid it, and I’m not alone. Most of the lab staff has said they don’t want it, either.

      • Moderna is in my home town.
        NONE of the people I know who work there will get it. Nor will their families.

        I know people in Israel working for Pfizer. They’re not getting it either. Although they’re somewhat more interested.

        The disease has definitely cut a swath through Israel. Mostly Haredim in the beginning, now the Arab communities are hard hit.

      • It can trigger a persistent autoimmune disorder which can sicken or kill.

        This is key. Quite possibly the biggest deterrent. There’s simply no way of knowing, and the pushers aren’t motivated to look hard enough. Maybe the rate of anaphylaxis will get somebody’s attention.

        For smallpox, I’d do it. For this “youthful” coronavirus? Hah!

  3. No Reader’s Links.

    The prospect of secession is real and may grow. With the radical left stealing power, conservatives allergic to this “progressive” current may become fed-up enough to want to call it quits. After all, radicals won’t compromise. They will call you racist, homophobe and all the rest rather than entertain civil discourse. This fact we now know all too well. My guess is the people who gather at VTB would be the type to consider such greener pastures first. Personally, the idea of seeking out a place to raise my family, say what I want and think what I want is no less than oxygen. I lived free for too long to acclimatize to the likes of The Squad or Dear Leader. It is in this precise context that the successful white male, disenfranchised by the successful identity-politics campaign, becomes open to the idea of taking his hard-fought wealth and leaving.

    Imagine the dominos to fall when relatively peaceful divorce offers an alternative to civil war? Why will the dominos end with a less United States of America? Why will regions deeply dissatisfied with their Federal masters not separate? How about Alberta, which has been kicked hard in the groin by two generations of Trudeau? It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. That province generated so much wealth from oil sands that the Federal government leached massively from it for years. Quebecers, more savvy politically, successfully blackmailed the rest of the country with separation in order to grab the bulk of this wealth with the excuse of being a “Have Not” province. This, itself, is pretty rich considering the incredible bounty of resources held by Quebec in its ground like cash under its mattress. Let this blood sucker be cut loose, Albertans must think. We gave so much and look where we are now. Our oil flow is cauterized and we have socialized ourselves so quickly into a have-not province. Let’s correct our stupid mistakes and go our own way.

    I can see this kind of thinking spreading like wildfire. I can see the smart money now liquidating assets in jurisdictions that have become the most socialist. Businessmen, to be successful, must have the least normalcy bias of all people. This is not for their own sake, but for the sake of their capital. For this reason capital is sitting and watching for freer states, provinces or countries to emerge from this miasma. When they do, watch the money and good people start to move.

    Dominos falling. The United States of Europe? Right. Hungary is smartly playing the EU for transfer payments until some final straw compels them to leave. That’s how you exploit the socialist mind–by knowing it will always see the world as it wishes, and not as it is.

    This article is by a highschool student. There is always hope. Areas can split and rejoin with others. Maps are redrawn.

    • My guess is the people who gather at VTB would be the type to consider such greener pastures first. Personally, the idea of seeking out a place to raise my family, say what I want and think what I want is no less than oxygen.

      We came to the “New World” for good reasons. Reversing the move is not unthinkable. For those who are blessed with options. Rich people routinely shop for a second passport, prudent planning.

  4. That’s about the typical array and level of reactions to ANY vaccine. There are always a few people who thereby discover they’re allergic to some component same way they do anything else — by contact with it. No one knows they’re allergic to bee stings until they get stung (and usually not until the second sting).

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