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21 Replies to “New strain more contagious, may not submit to vaccine, but HCQ + Zinc STILL WORKS”

  1. Why should we trust Pfizer’s 95% effective Covid vaccine? They have paid out over $4.7 billion for violations since 2000, that is $235 million per year. The cost of these penalties and lawsuits (and corruption) are built into their business model and into the price of their drugs.
    Top 5 Primary Offense Types Penalty
    off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products $3,373,675,000 (10 records)
    False Claims Act and related $1,161,001,892 (23 records)
    drug or medical equipment safety violation $103,840,000 (5 records)
    Foreign Corrupt Practices Act $60,216,568 (3 records)
    environmental violation $4,582,054 (19 records)

        • Psst… there is a race for the best vaccine among competitors in different contents. Buying a fake will come out… unless there’s a world conspiracy!

          OK, the majority of readers win.

  2. The controllers obviously want as many people as possible to die of the virus otherwise they wouldn’t be in such opposition to the only known cures for the disease, that much is obvious. It is also obvious that they wish to see the virus cause as much economic and social chaos as possible. It makes sense to me that people like Dr. Fauci and all the other anti-hydroxychloroquiners are somehow compromised by somebody, presumably the Chinese. I have to wonder how many of the “celebrity” figures we see today got their success with a little help from the nice Chinese agent with the big bag of goodies.

    University tenures, primo jobs, mortgages and school fees paid, photographs of lude sex acts withheld, and let’s not forget good old fashioned treason. I mean, why else would Fauci be slagging HQC when he’s got to know it works…? Why hasn’t he personally driven down to Dr. Zelenko’s office and asked him what he thinks? They’re both in NY, aren’t they? I think if all the compromised players suddenly started flashing orange we’d be blinded by all the flashing orange lights around us…

    Oh, and there’s always the ever-popular, “Do likes we tell you or we’ll blow your effing head off – capiche?”

    Now stay tuned for the climate change hoax to get a whole lot worse. The bastards are just getting started on us…

    • Dr. Fauci is an accomplished administrator. People usually give the advice that they would themselves want to follow. His advice reflects his view of disease and spread and control. A wise person would find people with varying views before make a decision. A person with more wisdom might try out different containment strategies in areas of varying population density. Don’t scapegoat the Doctor.

      We are lucky to have two perspectives in this : NY with Dr. Zelenko and Washington, DC with Dr Fauci, whose accent reveals that he was born in NY.


      • I’m not “scapegoating” Dr. Fauci. I’m saying that he knows damn well that hydroxychloroquine is effective but he’s telling people that it is not for some reason. How does that make us “fortunate”? I am at a loss to understand your post…

  3. Threat Assessment Brief: Rapid increase of a SARS-CoV-2 variant with multiple spike protein mutations observed in the United Kingdom
    “The observed rapid increase in COVID-19 cases overall was temporally associated with the emergence of the new variant in this area in November 2020. The reported COVID-19 cases related to the VUI 202012/01 variant are concentrated in Kent and wider South East England, including the regions of London and the East of England, but there are indications of a more widespread occurrence of cases across the UK as well as small numbers of cases detected in other countries.…”

    The document discusses possible impact on diagnostics and the modelling demonstrating the variant has increased the R0 by 0.4. [bogus] They clearly mention that to date there is no evidence of increased severity of disease associated with this variant, albeit data are sparse.

    Given the spike protein changes, they raise the concern of increased reinfections and possible reduced immunity related to vaccination with the following statement,
    “It is therefore essential to monitor changes in the spike protein among the circulating SARS-CoV-2 strains and assess possible antigenic changes.”

    Recommendations for National Public Health authorities:
    [blah, blah]
    “- Follow up reports of suspected cases of COVID-19 reinfection and initiate sequence analysis of virus isolates from these cases.…

    – Ensure that close monitoring of COVID-19-vaccinated individuals regarding vaccination failure and breakthrough infections is in place and initiate sequence analysis of virus isolates from these cases, and then conduct antigenic characterisation to confirm or exclude vaccine escape mutants.…

    – Assess the implications of the drop out of the S-gene target RT-PCR in use for diagnostic purposes and adapt the gene target regions for SARS-CoV-2 PCR diagnostics.…”


    • Excerpts from the BMJ:

      What do we know about this new SARS-CoV-2 variant?
      …named VUI-202012/01 (the 1st “Variant Under Investigation” in December 2020) , defined by a set of 17 changes or mutations.

      One of the most significant is an N501Y mutation in the spike protein that the virus uses to bind to the human ACE2 receptor. Changes in this part of spike protein may, in theory, result in the virus becoming more infectious and spreading more easily between people.

      …Does this variant spread more quickly? Matt Hancock told the House of Commons on 14 Dec 2020 that initial analysis showed that the new variant “may be associated” with the recent rise in cases in southeast England. However, this is not the same as saying that it is causing the rise.…

      “This variant is strongly associated with where we are seeing increasing rates of Covid-19. It’s a correlation, but we can’t say it is causation. But there is striking growth in this variant, which is why we are worried, and it needs urgent follow-up and investigation.…

      “With this variant, there is no evidence that it will evade the vaccination or a human immune response. But if there is an instance of vaccine failure or reinfection, then that case should be treated as high priority for genetic sequencing.”


    • Notes from a personal email:

      RNA viruses exploit all known mechanisms of genetic variation to ensure their survival. Distinctive features of RNA virus replication include high mutation rates, high yields, and short replication times. As a consequence, RNA viruses replicate as complex and dynamic mutant swarms, called viral quasispecies.


      It is important to understand this phenomenon at the basic level in relation to the impact of environmental factors as well as therapeutic or vaccine interventions.

      For SARS-CoV2, the former may be more relevant at this time, as the vaccine rollout has just begun. However, the evidence so far indicates that even though the mutational events in the viral surface spike protein have improved transmission fitness of the virus, they are unlikely to undermine vaccine effectiveness.

      Many unknowns remain, so genomic surveillance and vigilance are key actions to continue, as virus can potentially mutate further in response to vaccine pressure.
      Email reference cited:
      Genomic epidemiology of superspreading events reveals mutational dynamics and transmission properties of SARS-CoV-2


  4. Related: Overactive Immune Response

    “Here’s a playbook for stopping deadly cytokine storm syndrome”
    by Matt Windsor – November 1, 2019

    Under the subtitle: “Coronavirus and cytokine storm” NYT link

    The Coronavirus Patients Betrayed by Their Own Immune Systems”
    by Apoorva Mandavilli – April 1, 2020


    Other drugs might also be useful against cytokine storms. For example, a drug called anakinra mutes interleukin-1, another of the wayward proteins. Clinical trials of anakinra for Covid-19 are also underway. A report published this week suggested that hydroxychloroquine, a much-spotlighted malaria drug that also calms an overactive immune response, might also be effective as a treatment for those who are mildly ill from coronavirus.

  5. ‘This Country’s Fabric Is Being Torn Apart’—Exclusive Interview With L. Lin Wood | Crossroads
    Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP – Streamed live 3 hours ago

    • This interview will occupy a sticky post in my mind for some time. I have watched it all, and thank you EB. Lin Wood provides the alternative to secession, which is to stand and fight. He is deeply religious, which I am not, but if harnessing the power of faith is what we need to succeed, I will fall in line with all brothers in arms to oppose communists wherever they are.

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