But, if the election was fair, why not submit machines for examination?


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4 Replies to “But, if the election was fair, why not submit machines for examination?”

  1. They are stalling thinking that if they can stall until after Jan 20 they won’t have to give up the evidence of how crooked they are.

    Trump is still acting like he will get a second term so he must know something that the rest of us either don’t know or are overlooking.

    • I have to agree with you.
      I bet with a guy that Trump would win. He keeps saying Trump won. I say wait till January 21.
      Time is short. I pray for Trump.
      Send Trump all your positive energy like in Zooms. Our country depends on it.

      • Trump has something up his sleeve that he is waiting until the right moment to show the world. His actions are those of someone who is planning on staying on the job for another 4 years.

  2. VLAD: Two of the videos are repeats of each other.
    Suggestion: Clear it up.
    I won’t email the post because I value your immense credibility.
    Best regards.

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