Why did the SCOTUS not take the Texas suit against the election results?

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5 Replies to “Why did the SCOTUS not take the Texas suit against the election results?”

  1. To quote Churchill, “He had a choice of war or dishonor, he chose dishonor and got war.” Roberts chose dishonor and is going to get a major civil war.

  2. washington, dc shut
    down– no in-person meetings except at the WH, as far as I know.

    Sounds like disinformation meant to foment a reaction.

    • I read a rebuttal to this that claimed SCOTUS is not meeting in person due to Covid hence, there could not be any “screaming behind closed doors.”
      That is not to say that this wasn’t a blatantly cowardly and political decision because it was. SCOTUS should be ashamed of itself.

  3. Normal and not unexpected from people with their snouts in the public trough in the US and in Canada. Routinely deciding not to do the work citizens pay them to do.

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