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5 Replies to “Interview with Michael Arana, the other person arrested at Adam’s BBQ”

  1. About Rosa Parks. She was a member of long standing black civic organization.Her action led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which required much mutual sacrifice, coordination and continuous organization of many thousands. The churches were central to this effort, and everyone pulled together.The boycott’s brilliance was finding a leverage point with the lawbreaking officials which eventually forced them into public negotiations.Today, people are mostly non-believers, do not/cannot meet, have not war gamed the situation seriously and don’t have a very coherent goal.

  2. “The hospitality sector’s protests around the world over bans on their activities, limiting them at best to selling takeaways, contrasts with the scientific evidence: well-meaning restaurant and bar owners insist they have complied scrupulously with health and safety measures, but there is no getting away from the fact that a business where people must remove their masks in order to eat or drink, has increased infection rates.”

    In any war, do you leave the blackout curtains open or closed?

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