Memorial to victims of terrorism in Vienna ransacked by Turkish muslim woman

Please read the whole story at RAIR Foundation

Muslims in Austria must feel they have quite a bit of control if they not just to attacks against the unbeliever, but they actually feel justified in destroying any tribute to the victims of those attacks. This is every bit as appalling and important as the attacks themselves, at least symbolically as clearly not in terms of human suffering. But like the attacks themselves, the media is careful to hide or sanitize these events which is itself a terrorist attack, at least where terror is crime for political purposes. They hide them for one reason. To make sure there is no data to energise any resistance to Merkel and the EU/UN plan to eliminate all world cultures through mass migration, and then multiculturalist policies which protect all cultures but the host’s.

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  1. Ja, so sindse halt, unsere muslimischen Mitbürger! Und immer mit psychischen Problemen unterwegs. Aber die heißen nie und nimmer nicht Islam!

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