AG Barr resigns: Links 2, December 14, 2020

1. Daily Mail: DOUGLAS MURRAY: Authoritarian. Unyielding. Merkel gets it so wrong because her arrogance is boundless

Most of us have been in no doubt over who is to blame for the obstacles and burning barricades blocking our route to a viable trade deal.

Emmanuel Macron, the sharp-suited, sharp-nosed President of France, has been in the vanguard of those wanting to punish Britain for daring to leave. Desperate to preserve the advantages enjoyed by French fishermen. Desperate to be the saviour of the whole European project.

However, Macron is by no means alone in conducting this unpleasant campaign of sabotage. For, as The Mail on Sunday explains today, his sensibly-suited counterpart in GermanyAngela Merkel, has played her own discreditable role.

It is Chancellor Merkel who has consistently presented herself as the voice of common sense and compromise. 

(Does Murray mean the same Merkel that let Audi Porsche Volkswagen make cars with fake emissions certificates for export to Europe and North America? That Merkel? Who was in on the scam?)

2. OSCE threatens Gates of Vienna over use of its logo


3. Very much looking forward to a satisfactory explanation of this video: GOP Electoral College members blocked from entering building?

4. AG Bill Barr resigned

5. Some people would say that a 68% error rate might mean the results aren’t that reliable.

Thank you Oz-Rita, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., EB., ET., Gates of Vienna, Vanfield, Xanthippa, Cassandra, Sassy and all who sent in materials today.

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