Yesterday’s paranoid right-wing conspiracies are today’s facts: Links 1, December 10, 2020

1. Here is a good laugh from Ilhan Omar

2. This is the sort of thing people will be trying for everything in 2021

3. One hour video about how a former SJW left the cult of leftism

4. NY legislator introduces bill for mandatory vaccines

5. Muslim who murdered the history teacher in France, Samual Paty, is given a hero’s funeral in Chechnya

Thank you PC., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Xanthippa and all who sent in links today.

Below, an emergency alert that went out to all cell phones in an area of Quebec and Ontario

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  1. 4 – There is precedent on making vaccines mandatory, when I was a kid you had to have the polio vaccine and the Small Pox vaccination before you be allowed to go to school. While the Wuhan Flu isn’t as bad as either of those the precedent can and will be used to force people to take the vaccines before being allowed to do various things.

    This mandatory vaccination can and probably will turn into internal passports for the western countries. Passports we will have to have to travel to other states/provinces and in the Big Dem controlled states travel from one county to another.The New England states are already moving in that direction. Which is another reason it is vital that Trump wins this election.

    • I think we are going to see a day when everything you do has to pass the “essential” test or you will be banned from doing it on the grounds that you’re causing climate change. Like, you’ll need a special waiver to mow your lawn. Their angle will be that since climate change is going to kill us all we have to look at it as equivalent to the new “War on Drugs” and give up lots more freedoms in the name of saving the planet. Then look in Wikipedia and they’ll say, “It’s true… it’s true…”.
      We’ll all be suffocating in our masks as we watch the dandelions grow and grow and grow and our economies will wither and fall way behind as our friends in China take up the slack and build a Reich that will last for a thousand years…

  2. Today I bought a mask. I have an appointment with an eye specialist and I have to wear a mask in the hospital. I cannot see out of one eye, my COVID eye. Maybe my eye just got tired of all the garbage I have read about this crazy world and quit.

    My mask comes with a WARNING
    User is responsible for following the CDC guidelines for sanitation and re-use of face cover.

    This product is not a respirator and will not provide any protection against COVID-19 (CORONVIRUS) or other viruses or containments.
    Wearing a mask does not reduce the risk of contracting any disease or infection. User is solely responsible for the selection of appropriate personal protection equipment for the setting and application. Change/remove immediately if contaminated.

    Hmmm but I will wear my mask, even though I have a hard time breathing because so many people use hand sanitizers that I am allergic to. Baa baa


    Look at this! This is what we’re up against. The Secret Controllers have us cornered and up against the wall. Look at how stridently Wikipedia declares all suspicion of Joe Biden and his son of “debunked conspiracy theories”, made up by Donald Trump when we’ve all seen the video of Joe doing some serious law-breaking with the Ukrainians. What’s a twelve-year-old kid to think when they read that to find out what’s happening?

    How the hell is the public supposed to know what to think let alone how to vote when the world’s encyclopedia is just another arm of the Chinese Government or the Democrat Party or the Socialist Internationale or whoever is doing all this gaslighting, and just as good at lying as Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice. The average person is so profoundly in the dark that they don’t even know it’s night time. I can’t talk to anybody anymore. They’re all so out of it I can’t stand it…

    • @yucki – look at who is lighting the Menorah in the WashPost photos — I can easily guess that they have already survived COVID and that is why they are maskless. I wonder why the reporters don’t think to ask if the scientists and doctors of the maskless folks advised them that masks were not needed for those with recovery profiles.

      • Yes!
        But now there are questions about duration of immunity – 4 months?
        Or whether you might be asymptomatic the second time, but still pass it on to someone else…

        My friend had it in March, infected her whole family. (Lost most of her hair after donating plasma, no hoax from her perspective.)

        She’s a healthcare worker, treats the most vulnerable patients. Now she’s just as cautious as if she had no immunity at all. Immediate family bubble, even for Thanksgiving.
        I am not channeling Fauci. Or Gates.

        There’s fear-porn and dis/mis-information.
        There’s also denial.

        You do not have to choose either extreme.
        This isn’t a Mask=Biden, No-Mask=Trump.
        – – BOTH mean climbing onto the political hamster-wheel.
        – – Where you’re neutralized either way.

  4. Yeah, Chris, sure feels like a Great Disconnect.

    I post the following again from a few weeks ago. (Is it me or does time seem slightly distorted? Weeks skate past, every day feels like Thursday. I digress.) I post this to pull it back from the memory hole:

    It’s the Computing Forever guy talking about that leak from a Canadian Federal committee meeting on this Reset business. I repost to see if it can now be discounted, or else validated at least in part.

    At 7:30 Computing Forever goes into universal debt forgiveness. Now, while no such suggestion has come from our government just yet, our resident Nazi imp did make this strange statement four days ago:

    Unlock preloaded stimulus? What creative words. Unlock (steal), Preloaded (accumulated), Stimulus (savings).

    So what does this have to do with an alleged debt forgiveness program? Maybe nothing, but we certainly see our government’s little wheels turning. I mean, how can anyone not listen to this woman’s monstrously-contrived speech and not know she’s the spearhead of a conniving government? Freeland openly targets the wealthy, and the term “wealthy” being relative can include people of quite modest means in this Dystopia. She says she wants to use Canadians’ savings to get the economy going even though it’s the government that is the obstacle to an economy that is not moving. Talk about cognitive dissonance.

    I realize that some of the savings the government is after is money foolishly given away last Spring for Covid relief to households earning over $100k. (Even though that “relief” money was taken originally in taxes from these same hard working families–government earns nothing.)

    Maybe “debt forgivenes” will come from a “bail-in” of savings over a certain deposit threshold. This is also the socialisation of debt. Make the public pay for everyone who is too big to fail, yet fail they have. Monoliths such as student loans, General Motors and Goldman Sachs spring to mind. Taking from Peter to pay Paul is dandy business when Paul is the commercial bank with billions in assets, and Peter is the little guy left without a pot to piss in.

    Great Reset advocates like Klaus Schwab and Dear Leader seems to think leisure is attractive, and is something the common man desires so badly that the Great Reset scheme will sell itself. However, leisure is only attractive when it is commodified by a limitation of time. Do nothing always and leisure becomes meaningless. I guess they call this prison.

    Yes, the amount of private debt burdening the sovereign man is huge. Despite this, trillions of dollars are set to be transferred over the generational divide in the next few years. What better way to make the sovereign man less sovereign than to intercept such a prize?

    Is that government committee leaker bogus or not? Sadly, I don’t yet know.

  5. About test kits from the creator of test kits.

    A tiny particle can be picked up and all becomes subject to interpretation. That is what’s happening with the false positives and why the number of said cases are increasing.

    You have a tiny particle of a virus in your body and your body adapts to it. You’re not contagious. Our body is loaded with viruses of all sizes and we aren’t sick nor contagious.

    This C-19 issue has been blown out of proportion and only the media and our governments carry the blame of dishonesty.

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