Vaccines and elections, Cyber attacks and Islamic: Links 2, December 10, 2020

1. NO asymptomatic transmission. But will the truth make a difference?

2. There may be an out for taking the vaccine after all! And wouldn’t you know! you just have to convert to Islam

3. Cyber Actors Target K-12 Distance Learning Education to Cause Disruptions and Steal Data

SUMMARY This Joint Cybersecurity Advisory was coauthored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), and the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS-ISAC). The FBI, CISA, and MS-ISAC assess malicious cyber actors are targeting kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) educational institutions, leading to ransomware attacks, the theft of data, and the disruption of distance learning services. Cyber actors likely view schools as targets of opportunity, and these types of attacks are expected to continue through the 2020/2021 academic year. These issues will be particularly challenging for K-12 schools that face resource limitations; therefore, educational leadership, information technology personnel, and security personnel will need to balance this risk when determining their cybersecurity investments. THREAT DETAILS As of December 2020, the FBI, CISA, and MS-ISAC continue to receive reports from K-12 educational institutions about the disruption of distance learning efforts by cyber actors. Ransomware: […]

4. NOT a racist hate crime

5. Georgia County Says It Couldn’t ‘Duplicate’ Election Results; Secretary of State’s Office Investigating

(This is worth clicking through and reading. It sure feels like proof of massive fraud, at least in that county)

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said on Dec. 9 his office is investigating Coffee County’s handling of an election recount after officials there said they couldn’t recertify the results.

“All counties were to be completed by Wednesday night, Dec. 2, at midnight, as instructed by the secretary of state. By Thursday, there were six counties finalizing their recount upload. On Thursday, Coffee County officials were working with the secretary of state’s office and Dominion Voting Systems to resolve a discrepancy of 50 votes,” Raffensperger’s office said in an email.

Coffee County was the “sole remaining” Georgia county that hasn’t completed uploading its recount, according to the secretary of state.

A letter from Coffee County Board of Election officials on Dec. 4 stated it “cannot certify the electronic recount numbers given its inability to repeatably duplicate creditable election results.” Raffensperger announced the recount was certified on Dec. 7.

6. It appears that this psycho has been removed from all her committee assignments because of her videos threatening over half the USA


Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, Xanthippa, C., Kontrarian Kim, and MANY more. Please stay on the ball, just a few more days. Something will be decided and its not over yet.


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8 Replies to “Vaccines and elections, Cyber attacks and Islamic: Links 2, December 10, 2020”

      • Email address – even if not your personal one/s – makes you a market-segmented spam target.

        For example, it’s easy to identify observant Jews by site choices. Where registration requires email verification, you’re on a List in a Cloud.

        Right before the election some of us got anti-Trump hate-mail. Threats if we voted for him. Creepy.

        I try to limit subscriptions and avoid registering for anything as much as possible.

  1. (Something will be decided and its not over yet.)

    No its not over and despite what the left wants you to think Trump has at least an even chance of winning, one third of the States have filed amacus briefs on the Texas Suit and 5 (so far) have become full partners in the suit.

    This suit has a much better chance then the other suits because there is clear actions on the record of the States violating the State Laws. The violations of the State Laws are also violations of the Constitution, the Constitution says the State Legislature sets the conditions for the elections. When the Judges and the Sec of State of the 4 states changed the requirements with out getting permission from the Legislatures they violated the Constitution. This is why Trump has a good chance of winning.

  2. 6. “Cynthia Johnson won’t shut up…”
    by Kane – December 10, 2002

    “Michigan Attorney Matthew DePerno Sees Uptick in Suspicious Behavior – Calls on State AG to Investigate Rep. Cynthia Johnson Following Online Threats”
    by Jim Hoft – December 9, 2020


    After the news broke on Rep. Johnson’s threats Attorney Matthew DePerno called Michigan Attorney General and spoke with investigator John Buck about Ms. Johnson’s threats from her facebook video today.

    Matthew DePerno writes: Since her video, I have seen increased traffic outside my house. I am putting your office on notice of this increased traffic, people “slow rolling” or even stopping. This is clearly a result of Rep. Johnson’s call-to-action. I expect your office to protect me and my family after Rep. Johnson’s call for harm… Rep. Johnson’s call is a crime.

    Matthew DePerno told The Gateway Pundit he sent the letter because he is investigating Dominion machines in Antrim county and there are “wackadoodle” people out there who may heed her call to violence.

  3. 1. – I do not buy into the study being peer reviewed. The stated peer review is by one named person who appears to be, from the name, Chinese. Then the rest of the peer review is anonymous. I do not believe that this constitutes the standard rigor of what it means for a scientific study to be termed “peer reviewed.”

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