Five noteworthy items for December 9, 2020

1. Albanian arrested for attempted murder with a knife of a British woman. No motive given.

2. Fair point

3. Hard not to admire this woman

4. ANTIFA “‘builds’ a new ‘autonomous zone’ in Portland

5. Democrat Congressman who attacked Trump for being under Russian influence, was in flagrante delicto with a Chinese spy

Thank you all for your contributions. More to come today.

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6 Replies to “Five noteworthy items for December 9, 2020”

  1. I cannot see anything down this gun-barrel……
    Can you pull the trigger gently and let the bullet come slowly……

    The Covid-19 Vaccine on the other hand will most likely overload the Postal Service

    • LoL – Darwin.

      You are reassured by the examples being set !!
      Versions of vaxx have been or will be given first to:
      – Putin’s daughter,
      – QE-2 and spouse,
      – Bibi Netanyahu, and
      – all 4 former POTUS (Carter, Clinton, Bush, and 0)

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