Covid items raising more questions than answers, Syrian import charged with serious assault: Links 2 for December 9, 2020

1. Government data shows lockdowns more deadly than COVID-19

Government data shows lockdowns more deadly than COVID-19

2. Charge laid after Moncton bartender found severely beaten

(Our post from Nov. 15 on this attack)

Abdalah Abu Zeid, 21, faces a charge of aggravated assault

A charge has been laid after bartender Jacques Vautour was found beaten in downtown Moncton last month.

Abdalah Abu Zeid, 21, faces a charge of aggravated assault.

Zeid remains in custody. He made an appearance in court Tuesday afternoon by video conference. Crown prosecutor Clémence Talbot objected to his release. 

Provincial court Judge Brigitte Volpé adjourned the bail hearing until Wednesday afternoon to allow for an interpreter to be provided for Zeid.

3. Its like that time where they didn’t take the cap of the needle…

(I have no idea what is true or false about covid or the vaccines at this point, and thats despite having direct conversations with true experts. But one thing I do know. Government and authorities are lying to us. That is a big thing to know. There is freedom in knowing and accepting that. Freedom and personal responsibility to decide for myself what is good for myself, and to preserve principled stands.)

4. Weird that no one wears a mask in this Chinese subway. Of course we don’t know when this video was truly taken.

5. (Jason) Kenney says COVID-19 R value isn’t ‘state secret’ but data still not publicly accessible

Premier Jason Kenney said the reproductive value, also known as R value, of COVID-19 in the province is not a “state secret,” but the metric is still not being made available to Albertans.

Alberta Health had previously been providing Global News with the R value when asked but that stopped after Nov. 24, when a set of new restrictions were announced.

At that time, the premier said the cabinet COVID-19 committee would be meeting to discuss what metrics to release and when to release them.

The R value was last released on Nov. 22, when it was 1.12. On Tuesday, Kenney said the R value was below 1.2 province-wide but did not provide an exact value.

(Someone correct this assumption if wrong: Kenney is making policies that will destroy a significant fraction of the Alebrta economy, and will cause the deaths of many people from despair if not anything else, based on disease data they will not let us know, despite claiming its not secret. Ok then. Time for a new government and one with extremely limited powers. if this is correct. Actually even if it isn’t)

Thank you Hellequin GB., Johnny U., M., Wrath of Khan, EB., and MANY more who have offered their thoughts and placed their findings on this site for us all to see.

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9 Replies to “Covid items raising more questions than answers, Syrian import charged with serious assault: Links 2 for December 9, 2020”

  1. I noticed to that one can’t rely on news anymore and the main stream is by far the most unreliable, there specialty is ignoring news they don’t like. Even the video of the chinese subway has a fake head line, I don’t think it is about masks at all because the people they beat to the ground where all wearing masks.

  2. Dec 8/20 – FDA fails to address biohazard at Merck vaccine plant. Former FDA employee, turned whistleblower, says the agency downgraded and ignored his safety violations report at a Merck plant.

  3. Florida police raid Covid data whisteblowers house with guns drawn. The whistleblower once managed the Covid dashboard and was ousted in May when she criticized Desantis administration.

    • Link, please?
      I’ve seen a different account of that raid on the “whistleblower”:

      “She was arrested for hacking the state emergency alert system to send out a message saying “speak up before another 17k are dead. You know this is wrong. You don’t have to be a part of this. Be a hero. Speak out before it’s too late”

      “law enforcement called her but she wouldn’t budge”

      She’s got a record:
      Who knows?
      Slather cynicism over everything.

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