Ordering beer without a mask, now a tase-able offence: Authoritarian Covid measures post #1 December 5, 2020

1. CTV Propaganda video on vaccinating Canadians

Related: On average, 228 Canadians will die from cancer every day.

2. The heart of the Covid scam

3. Selective covid enforcement for the elites in LA

4. Interesting tweet on PCR tests

5. I wonder what the death rate is after people have been tased. Especially with co-morbidities

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  1. Ontario cycles up to 45 times. These high-cycle requirements supercede the previously-stated threshold of 25 required to detect a consequential Wuhan viral load. And even as I write this I detest the sound of my amateur, armchair, medical voice. Yet this is what we’ve learned, and most experts stay silent on this fraud to save their own skins. That’s communism, folks.

    Cycle high to magnify. There. My poem for the day.

    Baffled by bullshit ain’t no way to go through life or run countries. All the doctors and technicians who understand the high-cycled purpose of finding harmless Covid-19 remnants for political ends should be ashamed of themselves. I doubt they are, however. If shame could be converted into electricity there would be enough these days to power the planet. Leftists should explore this science before building more windmills. The thousand of so-called “CASES” of Covid-19 reported daily and incessantly are great news if you want to know how last year’s flu bug shriveled and died as it crawled through the population. Otherwise stick a fork in it. Hey, why don’t we cycle the tests 60 times? 100 times? This way we can capture even more healthy people in our web of government control, and ramp up the hysteria even higher. Then, as the contact tracers follow the bug through our society like a worm, an exponential number of perfectly robust people have their lives touched by government regulators. These tests must be stopped immediately for the health of nations, but they won’t be.

    Of all the tricks the commies have pulled on us, the high-cycle PCR test must be admired for its diabolical, political-repurposing beauty. Little understood, easily applied, fantastically propagandists–if only it were used for good instead of evil.

    People really are fuckers, aren’t they? This whole damned mess is one big railroading of western civilization straight to hell.

    I suspect we will succeed, eventually, in winning this war just because the human animal cares so little for captivity. In victory we will have to get a grip on the technologies that have zoomed ahead of our ethical grasp.

    Really, though, any future Nuremberg-styled trials that try to take the Zuckerbergs to task for their crimes against humanity will marvel less at the algorithms, the hardware, the software or the artificial intelligence that so challenged our freedoms, than it will about a depth of understanding of human nature common to all monstrous tyrannies, and how the tyrants among us used our own simple fear to imprison millions of innocents.

  2. the Pineapple Bar was our local bar..we used to go there quite a bit….and my son started going when he was 21 with his friends as their regular hangout…..this story makes me really want to scream….and even being in the “industry”..this pisses me off!

  3. 1 – “Renowned scientist tells Laura Ingraham the COVID-19 vaccine is ‘downright dangerous’ and will send you ‘to your doom'”
    by Peter Barry Chowka – December 3, 2020

    “Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi from Germany got it to the point @Laura Ingraham (Fox News) on 2. 12. 2020” Blue 1986 – December 3, 2020

  4. Strode into Perth to check on the Randy Hillier story on the golden arrow pub. There was nothing on the outside of the eatery to suggest anything had happened. No doubt it did, but ended quickly with nothing else to see.

    People carry on walking the streets of the town unaware of the tasing. They pass by on the same street as the golden arrow the banner -`Shop & Dine in local Perth Thank You’. Welcome to Perth – enter at your own unmasked risk.

    • Related: “Lecture 36: Eugenics and Other Evils”
      by Dale ahlquist


      Eugenics is also about the tyranny of science. Forget the tired old argument about religion persecuting science. Chesterton points out the obvious fact that in the modern world, it is the quite the other way around.

      The thing that really is trying to tyrannize through government is Science. The thing that really does use the secular arm is Science. And the creed that really is levying tithes and capturing schools, the creed that really is enforced by fine and imprisonment, the creed that really is proclaimed not in sermons but in statutes, and spread not by pilgrims but by policemen – that creed is the great but disputed system of thought which began with Evolution and has ended in Eugenics. Materialism is really our established Church; for the Government will really help it to persecute its heretics.

      Chesterton says the problem with official science is that it steadily becomes more official while it becomes less scientific. “The man in the street,” he says, “must be wholly at the mercy of an academic priesthood.” If people who care about traditional truths attempt to object to eugenics or birth control or cloning, they are barraged with what Chesterton calls “the same stuffy science, the same bullying bureaucracy, and the same terrorism by tenth-rate professors.”

      Eugenics and Other Evils – G. K. Chesterton
      libribooks – January 18, 2013

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