Covid regs, something up in Ottawa, and Prof. Bhakdi makes a strong statement about the WHYS of it all: Links 1, December 5, 2020

1. Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: Is there a connection between Covid measures and the US election?

2. Ottawa right now:

(Someone must have ordered a beer without a mask on)

3. Why build gulags when you can convert your homes into a prison?

(And not just a prison but in many cases, solitary confinement!)

4. I’m a Legislator in Pennsylvania, and I’m Suing the Governor for Election Fraud

By Frank Ryan:

Actions by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and secretary of state in the 2020 general election were so fraught with inconsistencies, documented irregularities, and improprieties (see filing below) that the election results for the office of president of the United States cannot be determined.  The actions were so flagrant and egregious that I am a plaintiff in a case in the Commonwealth Court against Gov. Tom Wolf, et al. to seek relief.

The flawed processes associated with mail-in balloting, pre-canvassing, and canvassing have so undermined the election that only the in-person Election Day results have any semblance of validity.  Because the mail-in process was so fatally flawed, the results cannot be audited, which may have been the governor’s objective when he acted unilaterally to replace voting machines last year and demanded certain election reforms.

5. Teacher goes into hiding after Islamist girls allege he displayed Mohammed cartoon

(The immense power muslims have now to ruin lives and turn good people into genuine refugees by just claiming they showed a drawing! Its like the Halal version of Me Too!)

In the Netherlands, in the city of Rotterdam, a teacher had to go into hiding because, according to a group of radicalized girls, he had displayed a cartoon of Mohammed in his classroom. They demanded that he take down the picture, even though it was not a drawing of Mohammed.


A photo of the offending drawing was widely shared on Instagram. … “If this isn’t removed very quickly,” writes one Instagram user, “then we’ll do something else.” According to the police, there are also online threats against the teacher.

Thank you Johnny U., C., Wrath of Khan, M., EB., Nathan Hale, and all who sent in materials via any of the channels available.

There may be a thing or two in this worth considering in terms of vaccines and donations

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