Tonight at 6:00 for those who can go to Mac’s Pub and change the intimidation ratio

As this tweet is 15 hours old, I think he means TONIGHT at 6:00 for all within striking distance of Mac’s pub

And he is right.

If this tweet is removed, please advise with a comment and I will restore the video.


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10 Replies to “Tonight at 6:00 for those who can go to Mac’s Pub and change the intimidation ratio”

  1. On the way to the protest
    “‘God Bless Staten Island’ History is Made at Mac’s Public House in NYC December 2, 2020” Jason Goodman

  2. That was a significant event, thanks EB. Another measure of common frustration. Interesting, too, because increasingly the police are asked to take sides. Will there come a point when they are no longer asked? I suppose this depends on government behavior.

    • You are welcome Johnnyu. This is not the first time this happened 😉
      August 15, 1776 – the Hessians arrive on Staten Island.

      The Hessians
      by Russell Most – August 4, 2018


      Service in the American Revolutionary War

      The British Army that fought in the American Revolutionary War was approximately 30% Hessian. The first men arrived on Staten Island on August 15, 1776 and fought most of the battles. They were effective during the Battle of Long Island and distinguished themselves during the Battle of White Plains. However, the Hessians were soundly defeated in New Jersey when 1,000 men were surprised and defeated at the Battle of Trenton.

      The presence of foreign troops in America hurt an already damaged British reputation. Although foreign mercenaries were customary in Europe, the colonists did not see it the same way. Many loyalists began to favor the revolution after the arrival of the Hessians.

      David Hackett Fischer – Washington’s Crossings

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