Example of the kind of insane enemy propaganda we are used to from government and the media

The point:

In Austria, a woman attacks a rabbi with a knife screaming anti semitic things during her fairly ineffective attack.

The government response is to claim it will do everything it can to stop this kind of thing, but everything it can does not seem to include providing a description of the woman who is still at large, so that any other Jewish person might be able to avoid an attack.

No matter what the reason, it cannot be helped due to the massive lieing that we see in media for decades now, that the real reason is the woman was conspicuously muslim. And that the reputation of Islam, even a faked one but supports mass immigration policies, must be protected over the lives of the people muslims feel they need to kill.

Now this may not have been a muslim. But its very difficult given the lies of omission that is the NORM now in media, to believe this is the case.

Woman Screaming ‘Slaughter the Jews’ Attacks Rabbi in Central Vienna as Onlookers Stand By


Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said he had ordered extra security around synagogues following the attack and pledged to find the rabbi’s assailant.

“All measures will be taken to quickly clear up this obviously antisemitic attack,” he said. “There is no tolerance for antisemitism – regardless of whether it is politically or religiously motivated.”

All measures except a description of the attacker beyond “50 year old woman”.

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