US Election fraud items #2 for November 29, 2020

1. Smartmatic voting machines come with value added, votes already loaded!

2. Michael Flynn Says Coup Against Trump Still in Progress in First Public Remarks Since Pardon

Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn said there is “still a coup in progress” against President Donald Trump in his first public address since being pardoned by the president.

Flynn, who also served during the Obama administration as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and then as Trump’s national security adviser, warned Americans on Saturday that there is currently an “assault” on our way of life that has been going on since the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

“They’ve upped their game,” Flynn said of certain figures in the Democratic Party, which he said was so “in name only” since its shift “way over on the left.”

“When they lost in 2016, I think that there was a decision to say, ‘We’re not going to allow this to happen again,’” Flynn said of the Democratic Party’s leadership.

3. President Trump speaks directly to the issue, and names anti-state agencies

4. “There is NO WAY Joe Biden got 80,000,000 votes”

5. Giuliani on the judge that tossed the complaint

<strong>Thank you all who stay on top of this issue despite the powerful temptation to give in to despair. More to come on this.</strong>

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