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7 Replies to “Two more witnesses from the Pennsylvania Senate hearings on Election Fraud”

  1. It is obvious to all thinking people that this election is being stolen by the Dems, if they succeed in this steal we will never have even a seni honest election in the future. If the Trump Team pulls off a victory (chances are looking better each day) the left is going to start an asymmetric civil war to terrorize and kill the political opponents and their supporters. If the Dems win the left is going to get punish all of the people who didn’t support them to ensure that in the future no one expresses any opposition to their rule.

    • That’s a bleak outlook, Richard.
      Let’s be optimistic — the pictures you describe omit the scenes in which righteous and fed-up citizens put up an iron wall of resistance against those malcontents and rank thieves who are calling down upon themselves just retribution for their crimes.

      You’ve heard of pent-up demand for consumer goods? Picture pent-up demand for bringing the lawless and their paymasters to account for their crimes.

      Happy Thanksgiving.

      • It’s called Cold Anger. It doesn’t forgive and it doesn’t forget.

        The Dems are calling for Unity. No way will this happen. Especially after all the abuse the Right and Trump were subjected to during the last four years.

        Trump is giving a rally on Saturday in Georgia. The Dems have been busy with their mail-in ballots for the two leftover Senate races.

        In today’s press conference, Trump wasn’t certain his team had enough time to overturn the election before January 20.

          • Yes. January 6 will be the big day. But not much time left.

            Looking at Georgia’s recount, it’s useless because they haven’t crosschecked anything.

            It was a highly elaborate and massive fraud strategy. In no state is it 100% possible to ascertain the exact number of votes affected.

      • What you are calling for is for the public as a whole to take out any antifa type they see, this will happen to an extent but some will go underground and will continue the terror campaign.

        • If your’s is a reply to my comment, you misread my meaning, Richard: I don’t call on any one to “take out” the despisers of humanity, aka Antifa and its ilk.

          But subdued they will be, according to the enforcers of the rule of law — pressed by the Angry and Righteous Public as a whole — to DO THEIR JOB.

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