Defiance on the menu at Toronto BBQ: Links 4, November 25, 2020

1. Rebel Media does great video on defiant BBQ

2. Covid disappears in Liverpool

3. So, no symptoms actually means no transmission, which was the whole justification for these totalitarian measures. Ok then. Politicians will let us die of starvation before they admit they are wrong and change course. Which means if this is true, our only course of action is civil disobedience.

4. Impartiality: BBC News slips below C5

(I wonder where Canada’s enemy propaganda network, CBC, falls on this scale if its on it)

Corporation loses ground to become least impartial PSB, according to Ofcom research

The BBC has slipped below Channel 5 to become the lowest-ranked news provider on impartiality, according to Ofcom.

The regulator’s research found that 58% of people rated the corporation’s TV news offering as impartial, 3 percentage points short of C5 News’ 61% for the 12-months to 31 March.

The broadcasters swapped places in the table from the previous year, as the BBC dipped 1%, while C5 gained 3%.

PSB rivals ITV News slipped by 2% to 63% and Channel 4 News remained virtually flat at 66%.

ITN is responsible for producing the three commercial PSBs’ news output.

Sky News remained the most impartial news provider, with 69% of the public perceiving the pay-TV giant’s news offering as such, an increase of 5pp over two years.

5. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Threatens Election Fraud Whistleblowers with Prosecution

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel has issued an ominous threat to whistleblowers against electoral fraud in her state: Shut up, or potentially be prosecuted.

She responded to former state senator Patrick Colbeck’s whistleblower testimony. Colbeck was on the floor as tens of thousands of mystery ballots were delivered to the absentee voter counting board in Detroit on election night.

Nessel made the comment that whistleblowers may be prosecuted for a crime if they come forward to authorities. Colbeck has not gone to Nessel, who has threatened to prosecute Republican leaders who refuse to certify the fraudulent vote before an investigation, with his first-hand testimony.

Thank you M., EB., Johnny U., Richard, Sassy and many more. Please keep it coming. NOW is when the fight actually COUNTS!

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  1. John Hopkins University research paper on China Flu death numbers quickly cached to archive.

    “Now that JHU has censored its own scientists, I’m attaching here the cached report it published earlier. Shame on the political class that censors the scientists. The leftists and the #MSM are the #EnemyOfThePeople

    “… not only has COVID-19 had no effect on the percentage of deaths of older people, but it has also not increased the total number of deaths. ” #FakeNews #MSM & #Dems pushed this hoax of the century upon the whole world! How gullible the sheeple are!


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