Sides solidify on matters of totalitarian measures on Corona: Links 2, November 23, 2020

1. CTV propaganda directed against anti-totalitarian protestors in Manitoba (Notice how they cut off the man who was about to give a source for the efficacy of HCQ)

The Premiere has harsh words and men of straw for the protestors. It is not about if the virus exists. Its about whether or not the measures are legal or efficacious. His argument, “Though Shalt Not kill” also works both ways. The lockdowns have been shown to kill more people than the virus, and much more directly.

2. Faces of anti-lockdown protestors in Germany

3. Overwhelmed Manitoba hospital

Hospital staff feel videos and photos of empty hospitals undermines the message of being overwhelmed that they have been giving.

4. Biden Supporter plows down Trump rally. Proud Boys administer aid

5. So you can’t visit mom or have Christmas dinner with family and friends but half a million Somalis can come to Canada

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, C., MissPiggy, Gary Fouse, and all who sent in materials.

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4 Replies to “Sides solidify on matters of totalitarian measures on Corona: Links 2, November 23, 2020”

    • Well, there is Black Axe, from Nigeria, who are specialists in car theft, and the Somalis, who specialize in drug gangs. The Islamists, who specialize in Jihad.

      The border is closed, we are suffering from the COVID con, we have a bloody madman as prime minister, a graphic designer as our health minister, a journalist as finance minister………

      Just learn the step, the reset step, right arm up, legs straight out in front, the Great Reset step.

      Stay home, stay safe, wash your hands, don’t forget your face.

      Sit down clown, do as you are told,

      Hmm what’s that you lost your job
      oh Justine will sob on tv
      Tell you to forget about “We”

      Just do the step, the Great Reset step.

      Stay home, stay safe from the COVID con
      Not to worry Canada as a country is gone.

  1. Those nothing but criminals, parasites, trust me they will be on welfare of test if their wonderful life’s !!!, what a joke , Canada is finished like US. And Europe..

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