An incremental win for Trump in Pennsylvania, more decent people punished for breaking with the narrative: Links 3, November 23, 2020

1. The following Prager U video on freedom of religion is excellent. There is one error in it though: Tyranny MUST have faith in the tyrant. In all communist states, the leader is worshipped like a GOD

2. What happens to a Stanford academic/Doctor/medical scientist who dares speak against the consensus on Covid policy?

I was disappointed to learn that the Faculty Senate of Stanford University on November 19, 2020 adopted a resolution criticizing my work for the United States government.  We all wish to guide our nation through this pandemic with the best advice and knowledge that we can bring to bear. It is for this reason that I accepted the request of the President of the United States to serve as an advisor since August of this year.  I have been honored to serve our country during these difficult months for our nation and the world.

I am a health policy scholar, medical scientist and doctor.  I have always used science and factual evidence to help generate the best possible policies to save lives. My views in favor of the careful protection of our nation’s most vulnerable while safely re-opening society are far from contrary to science. These views are held by some of the world’s top epidemiologists from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford itself, as well as by thousands of medical and public health scientists from around the world. I have also repeatedly recommended mitigation measures, including social distancing and mask-wearing when one cannot distance. Media reports to the contrary are simply false.

3. Twitter remains the strongest media partner of the forces allied against reality and for the Colour revolution in the US

4. WOH! Ontario uses Dominion voting machines?!?!?

5. Pennsylvania Judge Reverses Court Ruling For Trump – He Just Ordered County To Throw Out Undated Ballots

one of the most important battleground states is Pennsylvania, where Trump held a sizable lead – reportedly as high as 800,000 votes – before many mail-in votes were counted.

Ever since Biden came back and won the state, Trump’s team has come down hard on PA.

They’ve alleged multiple examples of voting irregularities, including suspected votes cast by deceased individuals, failure to properly oversee the counting process, and undated ballots.

Well, the President’s campaign has finally earned a victory on one of those points: the undated ballots from absentee voters.

A judge just handed Trump a much-needed win and though it won’t change the state’s results, Donald’s team undoubtedly considers it a step in the right direction.

Via The Daily Wire:

A Pennsylvania judge sided with the Trump campaign on Thursday, reversing a lower court decision by ruling to toss thousands of ballots without dates.

Thank you M., Richard, Pineapplefish56, Marianne Walters, and MANY more who are keeping a grip on reality when there is a lot of pressure to abandon it.

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5 Replies to “An incremental win for Trump in Pennsylvania, more decent people punished for breaking with the narrative: Links 3, November 23, 2020”

  1. Judging from the behavior of the Democrats for the last four years I would not doubt for a minute that any one of them would be low enough to take it upon themselves to grab a handful of Trump ballots and throw them in the incinerator or take them home and burn them there. But even if there is insufficient evidence of that what do you call having the entire mainstream media plus Hollywood plus the writers and actors and musicians and journalists and the FBI and the CIA and the Justice Department and practically everybody else, if not “rigging” the election?

    How is the country supposed to carry on when the Democrats will not play fair and there is no chance of a conservative winning because the game is fixed…? You saw the crowds turning out for Trump and the lack of crowds for Sleepy Joe. There’s no way Trump lost and Biden got a record-breaking turnout. It’s just so unlikely…

      • We didn’t riot wile Obama was President so the Dems think we are afraid to oppose them. Win or lose antifa is going to start attacking people who have been opposing them, this is going to force us to act in self defense.

  2. 1/ “In the telling of the Chinese Communist Party, the Soviet Union began to die the day Nikita Khrushchev denounced the cult of personality surrounding Joseph Stalin. Though the reformist policies of destalinization were only intended to strengthen the communist system by eliminating its errant and excessive aspects, it ended up eroding the foundation of the value system that made the USSR cohere. Once it became possible to question the party leadership, the Soviets lost the ability to shore up the “ideological security” of their regime.

    In these circumstances, Chinese communists studying the USSR’s dissolution now conclude, Gorbachev’s decision to “open” the system and expose formerly culturally quarantined Soviet peoples to the enticements of the Western order was a suicide pact.

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