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This document was written around the time this site was created, for those who wish to understand what this site is about. And while our understanding of the world and events has grown since then, the basic ideas remain sound and true to the purpose.

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  1. (Richard: This is John Solomans website)

    Ukraine judge orders Joe Biden be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in prosecutor’s firing

    Latest twist in Ukraine impeachment drama could stretch into Biden’s fall campaign as fired prosecutor seeks legal remedy in courts.

    Ukraine judge orders Joe Biden be listed as alleged perpetrator of crime in prosecutor’s firing

    Latest twist in Ukraine impeachment drama could stretch into Biden’s fall campaign as fired prosecutor seeks legal remedy in courts.

    (Richard: Its not an indictment but close, the hesitation in following the Judges Orders is probably the Prosecutor showing some intelligence and waiting to see who wins the election.)

  2. Unusual juxtapositions. Unlikely pairings can bring beautiful, uncalculated results. Rarely do we see it coming because, well, it comes from people and circumstances from which we simply never expected the bloom of a never-seen rose. And no, no, not that they weren’t capable–it’s not that. It’s about the time, the place and the people. The 1960’s saw an explosion of creative energy as collateral to the social explosion. Like a “big bang” this detonation kept expanding for some time.

    In theory we should see this again. Have we not had enough technological revolution to choke on without a corresponding, genuine, artistic eruption? Do such pressures not build naturally? Does the human animal not require creative revolution, as well?

    I hear it coming. My ear is on the ground.

    • Computer glitches – is that sorta like when they matched up Federal and Provincial boundaries and ooooop, 40,000 eligible voters were left off the voters list in Windsor West?
      The list came from the Federal Liberal government, but they still managed to blame the provincial Conservatives. Nasty hardball players in politics. Who said “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you play the game?


    This is precisely what they invented democracy for – the “peaceful transfer of power”. This isn’t supposed to be ancient Rome or Czarist Russia. We’re not supposed to go hunting down and executing the losing side when our guy mounts the throne. It’s a shame that Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson aren’t here to explain that.

    But then Franklin and Jefferson were evil racist slave-owning old white men who never had an intelligent thought in their lifetimes so why would I bring up such insignificant irrelevant losers…? I gues AOC and Rashida Tlaib must be right…

    If you can’t see that the “Squad” and their friends are textbook murderous little fascists then I’m afraid you simply cannot see at all…

  4. Why Philly Jews are arming themselves: ‘I’m going to go down fighting’

    On Friday afternoon, with just a few hours before sundown and the start of the Sabbath, David Parvey hurried to a South Philadelphia gun shop called Firing Line to get his new 9-millimeter pistol.

    To Parvey, who attends an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Center City, it felt like the only rational response to the Oct. 27 mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, where 11 congregants were killed.

    “I legally have the right to at least be able to match evil with some sort of response, and in my mind I would be dumb not to,” said Parvey, who on Wednesday went to the Philadelphia Police Department’s Gun Permit Unit to apply for a concealed-carry license. “I don’t want to hide behind the bimah waiting for my turn to get shot.”

    Parvey is not the only one to reach this conclusion. A simmering conversation about safety in the face of anti-Semitic violence that began several years ago with attacks on Jewish targets in France — a yeshiva in Toulouse, a kosher supermarket and the Bataclan theater in Paris — has boiled over in the last week. While some are responding with prayer and peaceful protests, there are those who feel that a pistol is just more reliable.

  5. France’s draft security bill to ban images of police prompts violent protests

    Anger spirals in Paris, with water cannon and tear gas used following a draft security bill to ban publication of images of police with intent to cause them harm.

    The interior minister insists the bill will protect officers, but it’s sparked outrage from rights campaigners.

  6. Our democracy is disappearing thanks to all the Global leaders. Do not surrender, once you lose your freedom there will be NOTHING you can do. Justine Trudeau needs to go.


    This hit me like a ton of bricks. “Lockdown”. How dare they? And I never even thought about it until I read this article. So they’ve turned us all into jailbirds who can be “locked down” at the slightest whim of the effing warden and if we complain the “Special Response Team” will be all over us like white on rice. That’s awful. The safety Nazis are going for full control. I’m afraid we’re headed into a future that George Orwell only began to understand. At least they weren’t all prisoners in the book…

    I find the fact that “lockdown” might be the word of the year. I object! I do not give my consent to being subject to “lockdowns”. I believe that I have the right to go wherever I want to and the government does not have the right to arbitrarily lockdown my cell block…
    What’s next? Canteen only once a month? No talking in the food line? Random full body searches and room-tossings for safety’s sake? Lord, how I hate them…

  8. ‘If Greece Buys F-35 Fighters, Turkey Will Use S-400 Against Them’, Ret. General Says (sputniknews, Nov 18, 2020)

    “On 16 November, Greek weekly newspaper Proto Thema reported that Athens is striving to buy up to 24 brand-new or used fifth-generation F-35 fighter jets from the US, citing a letter written by Ret. Gen. Lieutenant General Theodoros Lagios, the head of the General Directorate for Defence Investments and Armaments. According to the newspaper, Athens is in haste as the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems procured by the Turks could create “problems” for daily activities in the Hellenic Air Force (HAF).

    ‘US Should Take Into Account Strategic Balance of Forces Between Turkey and Greece’
    “If Greece buys F-35 fighters, Turkey will use S-400 systems against them. The whole world knows that these fighters are not ‘invisible’ for the detection systems of the Russian-made air defences. This is exactly what the United States is concerned about”, says Nejat Eslen, a retired major general with the Turkish Armed Forces.

    The US should think twice before bolstering the Greek military forces since Washington’s “full and unconditional support for Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean regions is not in American interests”, according to the retired major general…”

  9. What’s Wrong With the Republican Party in Georgia?
    USA Survival – November 18, 2020

    Georgia-based analyst Tina Trent blames Rep. Doug Collins for dividing the party and jeopardizing conservative chances in the January 5 Senate run-offs. Trent, who ran for the Georgia statehouse, understands the divisions that are plaguing the Republican Party and says a Democratic takeover of the Senate will threaten the free speech rights of conservatives and Christians. Go to and

  10. What’s Wrong With the Republican Party in Georgia?
    USA Survival – November 18, 2020

    Georgia-based analyst Tina Trent blames Rep. Doug Collins for dividing the party and jeopardizing conservative chances in the January 5 Senate run-offs. Trent, who ran for the Georgia statehouse, understands the divisions that are plaguing the Republican Party and says a Democratic takeover of the Senate will threaten the free speech rights of conservatives and Christians. Go to and

  11. Iran’s secret ‘military site’ found by Israel as it launches airstrikes to destroy bases (express, Nov 18, 2020)

    “ISRAEL has carried out a series of air raids against Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria after explosives were discovered in the Golan Heights.

    At least 10 people, including five Iranians, were killed in the military action, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. While Israel has repeatedly attacked targets in war-torn Syrian in recent years, it rarely publicly acknowledges it.

    Its latest manoeuvres send a clear signal to the world that it will pursue its policy of striking across the border despite the election defeat of US President Donald Trump.

    Syrian state media said three Syrian soldiers were killed and another injured.

    The Observatory said the dead Iranians were members of the elite Quds Force.

    The group is a branch of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and specialises in unconventional warfare and military intelligence operations.

    The monitor also said at least two Lebanese or Iraqi Shi’ite militiamen lost their lives in the attacks.

    A commander of pro-Damascus forces denied Iranians or Lebanese were among the casualties.

    Israel said it was retaliating for what it called an Iranian-sponsored operation in which Syrians planted explosives near an Israeli military base in the occupied Golan Heights.

    Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, said eight targets were hit.

    He said they belonged to the Syrian army or the Quds Force, in areas stretching from the Syrian-controlled side of the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights to the Damascus periphery.

    They included an Iranian headquarters at Damascus international airport, a “secret military site” that hosted Iranian military delegations, and the 7th Division of the Syrian armed forces, he said.

    Lt Col Conricus said Syrian surface-to-air defences were also hit after firing at Israeli planes and missiles.

    A former Syrian military commander claimed the attacks also targeted bases of the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah in Syria.

    This was not mentioned by Lt Col Conricus.

    Israel has this year stepped up its attacks against Iranian-linked targets in Syria.

    Western intelligence sources describe this as a shadow war to reduce Iran’s influence in the troubled region.

    Wednesday’s attacks struck a far wider range of targets than usual.

    Mr Trump has been a strong backer of Israeli military intervention against Iranian forces in Syria.

    President-elect Joe Biden has said he will try to revive a nuclear agreement with Iran that Mr Trump abandoned.

    Following the strikes, Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen said on Army Radio: “Biden has to ask himself, exactly what is Iran after in Syria?”

    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government has never publicly acknowledged that there are Iranian forces operating on his behalf in Syria’s civil war, only that Tehran has sent military advisors.”

    • Israel Defense Forces @IDF
      Yesterday, the IDF exposed an Iranian-led Syrian attack along the Alpha Line.
      But what exactly is the Alpha Line?
      is here to set the facts straight about one of the most contested locations in the world: the Israel-Syria border.
      Joe Truzman @Jtruzmah
      The IDF published documentation of IEDs that were planted on the Alpha Line Tuesday. IDF stated it considered the Syrian regime responsible for any action taken from its territory. #Israel #Syria #Golan

  12. Migration Watch: Illegal Channel Crossings to Cost British Taxpayer Nearly Quarter of a Billion Pounds (breitbart, Nov 18, 2020)

    “Illegal boat migrant crossings of the English Channel will cost the British taxpayer nearly a quarter of a billion pounds sterling over the next decade, the Migration Watch UK think tank has found.

    In a report seen by Breitbart London, Migration Watch said that if the massive influx of illegal migrants is not reduced, Britain will spend some £240 million just to pay for housing and other payments to the illegal aliens.

    This figure does not represent the myriad of other asylum-related costs, such as the money spent on processing, appeals, legal aid, detention, removals, security, nor the impact on public services.

    Over the past twelve months, some 8,500 illegal boat migrants have successfully crossed the English Channel from France. Once in the UK nearly all of the illegal aliens make asylum claims, despite travelling from a safe, first world country, where under international asylum rules they are bound to remain.

    While their asylum claims are being processed they are provided free housing accommodation, free access to the National Health Service (NHS), free dental and eyesight care, education for their children, and a weekly allowance £37.75 to £39.60 per week, all at taxpayer expense.

    Migration Watch noted that according to the Home Office, some 81 per cent of migrants that arrive by illegal crossing the English Chanel are not deemed to have credible asylum claims.

    Commenting on the findings, the chairman of Migration Watch UK, Alp Mehmet said: “The shambles in the Channel adds to the strains on an asylum system which is already at risk of collapse.”

    “In the midst of ballooning budgets, rising backlogs and a shameful failure to keep track of rejected claimants, the asylum system is wide open to abuse. It is a gaping hole in immigration control that is being exploited by both traffickers and those who have no credible claim to asylum,” Mehmet added.

    The think tank said Britain spends some £400 million per year in asylum related costs as a whole, with £30 million alone being spent on legal aid for asylum cases each year.

    Millions more are being squandered as a result of last-minute legal challenges by pro-migrant lawyers. As a result of the challenges, between January of 2015 and December of last year, the government cancelled 213,000 aeroplane tickets to remove failed asylum seekers.

    While the government recoups 90 per cent of the ticket fare, the cancellations still cost the public about £2 million per year.

    Another £130 million per year is spent on support payments for failed asylum claimants, who by rights should be removed from the country, despite the repeal of the funding requirement from the 1999 Immigration and Asylum Act by the Conservative Party in 2016.

    It is estimated that there are currently some 41,600 failed asylum seekers remaining in the country, up from 24,700 in 2011.

    One of the largest drivers of cost has been the government’s policy of housing illegal migrants in hotels, which Migration Watch pointed out began last summer and spiked in February of this year, far before the Chinese coronavirus crisis had any impact on the UK.

    It is estimated that there are currently some 60,000 asylum seekers and failed claimants living in taxpayer-funded accommodation in the UK, 10,000 of which are being put up in hotels across the country.

    Upon discovering one such migrant hotel in the West Midlands, Brexit leader Nigel Farage said: “There is a big sign on the White Cliffs of Dover, saying ‘everybody welcome’. It’s costing us a fortune.”

    Farage added that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government is “doing nothing about it”.”

  13. German Migrant Taxi NGO Adds New Larger Ship To Be Launched in 2021 (breitbart, Nov 18, 2020)

    “German migrant transport NGO Sea-Eye has purchased a new vessel, larger than their current ship, and plans to begin missions in the Mediterranean in 2021.

    The ship, which is the fourth vessel purchased by the NGO, is set to be named the Sea-Eye-4 and is much larger than the current ship used by the NGO, the Alan Kurdi.

    According to a report from Deutsche Welle, the ship has been financed in large part by the United4Rescue group, a Hanover-based association that describes itself as a “broad alliance to support civilian sea rescue.”

    “We unite all social organisations and groups that do not want to stand idly by and watch the thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean,” the group states on its website.

    United4Rescue states that the new ship is 60 meters long and 11 meters wide but does not list how many migrants are able to be accommodated per trip, simply stating: “the aft deck offers sufficient space for the safe accommodation of the rescued, who often have to spend several days or even weeks on board.”

    According to Sea-Eye themselves, the ship will also be outfitted to deal with migrants who may be potentially infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.

    Earlier this year, Italian doctor Caterina Ciufegni, who worked for Sea-Eye at the time, played down concerns over the coronavirus saying, “Facing people who run away from torture, coronavirus takes second place. I think we all accepted the risk.”

    The new vessel comes as migrant landings have surged in the Mediterranean, particularly in Italy where the island of Lampedusa has seen hundreds of migrants arrive, sometimes withinin a period of only a few days at a time.

    While Italian authorities have made some attempts to hinder migrant taxi NGOs after the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus, some, such as the Spanish NGO Open Arms, remains operating off of the Libyan coast. On Saturday, Open Arms transferred 255 migrants to Italian authorities in Sicily.”

  14. Greece: No police custody for migrant unaccompanied minors (abcnews, Nov 18, 2020)

    “Greece is abolishing the practice of holding asylum-seeker children and teenagers who arrive in the country without parents or guardians in protective police custody, the migration minister said Wednesday.

    The practice, which saw newly arrived unaccompanied minors held in police stations across the country sometimes for months at a time and often along with unrelated adults, has been widely condemned by rights groups. It has also led to judgments against Greece by the European Court of Human Rights.

    Migration and Asylum Minister Notis Mitarachi said Wednesday that as of Nov. 14, no unaccompanied asylum-seeker teenagers and children remained in police custody.

    “We will move with legislative changes to stop the scheme of unaccompanied minors being kept in police custody, a system that started in 2001,” he said.

    When the system began, the holding of unaccompanied minors in police custody was supposed to be temporary, but often ended in prolonged stays because of a lack of available spaces at children’s shelters.

    In early 2019, the European Court of Human Rights ruled in favor of nine minors from Syria, Iraq and Morocco who had arrived in Greece in 2016 and ended up spending weeks in police custody before being placed in shelters. They were between the ages of 14 and 17 at the time.

    According to the ministry, efforts began at the start of the year to move children being held in police stations to more appropriate accommodation.

    It said 331 unaccompanied minors were in protective police custody at the end of March, and that number had been reduced to zero by Nov. 14, with the children moved to long-term or temporary shelters.

    Hundreds of unaccompanied children were also living in massively overcrowded refugee camps on eastern Greek islands after arriving in the country from the nearby Turkish coast. The ministry said that between mid-February to August, 960 of them were transferred from the islands to shelters or transferred to other European Union countries or reunited with relatives.

    Another 733 unaccompanied minors were transferred from island camps to mainland shelters or hotels during September and October, it said.

    Mitarachi said his ministry, along with the Citizens’ Protection Ministry, would soon be submitting a bill in parliament “to formally end this practice” of children being held in police custody.

    The system being put in place “will allow for the comprehensive, effective and timely protection of unaccompanied minors,” the minister said.

    Greece continues to be one of the most popular routes into the EU for people fleeing conflict and poverty in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. The vast majority arrive on eastern Greek islands from the Turkish coast.

    But the country has made clear it is trying to reduce the number of arrivals. According to the Migration Ministry, Greece saw a 90% reduction in the number of arrivals from May to October compared to the same period last year, with 4,345 arriving during those months in 2020, compared to 44,348 in May-October 2019.

    Several rights groups and refugee organizations have accused Greece of carrying out illegal push-backs, whereby newly arriving migrants are pushed back to Turkey without being given the right to apply for asylum. Greek officials vehemently deny the claims.”

  15. Iraq, Saudi Arabia reopen key border crossing after decades (abcnews, Nov 18, 2020)

    “Iraq and Saudi Arabia have reopened the main border crossing for trade between the two nations after three decades of closure, Iraq’s border authority said on Wednesday.

    The Arar crossing was shuttered in 1990s, following Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait after which Riyadh cut all ties with Iraq. The crossing remained closed, reflecting the unease in Baghdad-Riyadh ties with successive governments.

    But diplomatic ties were restored in 2015, following several high-level meetings that lead first to the reopening of Riyadh’s embassy in Baghdad. Later, in 2017, a bilateral coordination council was established to improve ties.

    Arar’s reopening represents a key step toward firming relations and deepening Iraq-Saudi economic cooperation. Previously, the crossing would open just once a year for the annual Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

    Iraqi officials hope the re-opening of Arar, located just south of the Iraqi town of An-Nukhaib in western Anbar province, will bolster trade activity and provide a much needed boost to Iraq’s economy, suffering from a dire liquidity crisis. To the predominately Sunni population of Anbar, increased trade activity with the kingdom also brings the potential for jobs…”

  16. Bosnians rally against migrants after local man killed (abcnews, Nov 18, 2020)

    “Several hundred people rallied in a suburb of Bosnia’s capital on Wednesday demanding that authorities move migrants from the streets and into camps following a fight and stabbing that killed a local man and wounded two others.

    Angry citizens protested in Ilidza in the latest anti-migrant gathering in the Balkan country. Bosnia has experience an influx of thousands of migrants trying to reach Western Europe while fleeing war and poverty in their home nations.

    Police said in a statement that they responded to a call to intervene in a fight in Ilidza late Tuesday and found a body of a Bosnian man at the scene. Three suspects fled the scene, police spokesman Mirza Hadziabdic said.

    “According to police findings, they are migrants,” he said.

    The protesting citizens warned that “we will not tolerate this any longer.” Local official Dzevan Poturak said “the people do not wish to take matters into their own hands.”

    Bosnia has been overwhelmed by the flood of migrants, who want to reach neighboring European Union member state Croatia and move on further west. Migrants pass through the capital, Sarajevo, en route toward northwestern Bosnia that borders Croatia.”

  17. MEMRI – Dutch Muslim Politician: One Wonders if It Was Really a Muslim who Murdered French Teacher Paty

    Dutch Muslim politician Arnoud van Doorn said in a November 8, 2020 interview on TRT Arabic (Turkey) that the recent beheading of French school teacher Samuel Paty was a tragedy, but that he does not believe it is a “coincidence” that shortly after Paty’s death, the French government took action to close Islamic schools and mosques.

    He said that it is often the case that “whenever there is an attack allegedly perpetrated by Muslims, you immediately see governments legislating new laws against Muslims and against Islam.”

    Van Doorn had been a member of Geert Wilders’ Dutch Freedom Party before converting to Islam.

    He Is a member of The Hague City Council for Party of the Unity and the President of the European Dawah Foundation.

  18. CBC – Trump fires top election security official

    U.S. President Donald Trump fired the nation’s top election security official. Chris Krebs, the director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, refuted the president’s unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud.

  19. CBC – Most Canadians could be vaccinated against COVID-19 by end of 2021

    Most Canadians could be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of next year, says Canada’s deputy chief public health officer, Howard Njoo.

    But even when a vaccine becomes available, distributing it will be a massive logistical effort.

  20. The Real Presidential Election was Rigged in 2018

    Every state but one that had a Democrat acting as Secretary of State was called for Biden.
    Wed Nov 18, 2020 Daniel Greenfield

    “We should be prepared for this to be closer to an election week, as opposed to an Election Day, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson warned.

    Benson was one of the beneficiaries of an initiative that started with the Secretary of State Project backed by the Democracy Alliance and George Soros. Democrats were convinced that they could have won in 2000 and 2004 if they had controlled state secretary of state posts.

    Benson, a veteran of the Southern Poverty Law Center and assorted structural initiatives to benefit Democrat voter strategies nationwide, was backed by a river of cash, with her own fundraising topping $1 million, and iVote throwing in nearly another million.

    iVote is a Democrat organization whose goals include mandatory voter registration, universal mail voting, and the end of any measures, like voter ID, to fight voter fraud.

    Republicans were outspent 2 to 1 and Michigan got an ‘Election Week’.

    While Republicans wasted money, iVote spent $6 million to rig the battleground in key states. Benson took control in Michigan, while in Arizona, a state where the Republican candidate was expected to win, Katie Hobbs, another radical leftist, won in a close election in 2018.

  21. Proof of the Dems’ Election Steal

    The obvious — and overwhelming — evidence.
    Wed Nov 18, 2020 Jack Kerwick

    The usual suspects in the media, i.e. both the Democrat operatives posing as “journalists” as well as anti-Trump Republican operatives posing as the same, are insisting that President Donald J. Trump has yet to supply any “proof” to substantiate his thesis that there has been voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election race.

    Before proceeding, let me put the reader on notice that I have long since stopped trying to convince partisan ideologues who lean even remotely leftward to recognize the error of their ways, to say nothing of the egregiousness of the errors of their anti-Trump biases. What follows is aimed only at those who are genuinely interested in reason, in logic, and, critically, in facts.

    This column is an irrationality-free zone.

    For starters, it most definitely is not just Trump and his army of lawyers who are leveling allegations of voter fraud. Approximately 73 million Americans who voted to make American history and re-elect the President in numbers both appreciably greater than had voted for him in 2016 and that had ever been achieved by any other American presidential candidate also believe that these allegations are rooted in reality.

    Thus, they are convinced that their vote has been suppressed. They have been, in effect, disenfranchised.

  22. (Richard: I don’t know how much I trust the FBI when they are investigating Democrats)

    They Are Investigating 2020 Election

    What’s Happening:

    Many Americans are demanding answers over what they worry went on during the election. In fact, many Americans have protested and rallied all over the country—calling on our federal government to act.

    It’s no small thing to claim irregularities and other problems occurred during something as important as a presidential election. Democrats and the media appear to be ignoring what the President of the United States has said.

  23. BREITBART – Susan Rice: ‘I’m Very Open to Serving’ in the Biden-Harris Administration

    Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice said on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” that she was ready and able to serve in a Biden-Harris administration.

    Mitchell said, “Ambassador Rice, have you been approached by the Biden team? Would you be willing to serve?”

    Rice said, “Andrea, you know better than to try to get me into that. I’m not going to get into any kind of personnel issues. I’ve said many times and in different contexts that I’m very glad that we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris coming to the White House. They’re going to bring compassionate, responsible, effective leadership. And if they think I can be helpful to them in any particular capacity, I’m very open to serving.”

    She added, “But for me, the most important thing is that we are going to have leadership back in the White House that understands that we need allies. We need to act responsibly in the world. We don’t make precipitous decisions without consulting them. We don’t fire officials like Chris Krebs, who is a patriot who did his job and did it very well, under very difficult circumstances, and has more work to do, not just to worry about foreign interference but we’ve had attacks, cyberattacks on our hospitals and health care infrastructure, in the height of a pandemic. We need responsible leadership in the Department of Homeland Security in that role. And we won’t thankfully, after January 20, have leadership that fires people out of spite simply for doing what the American people expect them to do and doing it well.”


    Moon of Alabama – Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Team

    […]Susan Rice of Benghazi fame, National Security Advisor under Obama, is said to become Secretary of State.

    Michele Flournoy, co-founder of the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), will become Secretary of Defense. Flournoy is a hawk. CNAS is financed by donations from the who-is-who of the military industrial complex. She also co-founded WestExec Advisors, a consultancy that pulls strings to help companies to win Pentagon contracts.

    Also at WestExec Advisors was Tony Blinken who is set to become the National Security Advisor. He was National Security Advisor for then Vice President Biden, Deputy National Security Advisor for Obama and Deputy Secretary of State.

    All three, together with Joe Biden, promoted the 2003 war on Iraq and supported the wars the Obama administration launched or continued against some seven countries.

    They will continue to wage those wars and will probably add a few new ones.

    […]There will be much pressure from the liberal hawks to finish the war they had launched against Syria by again intensifying it. Trump had ended the CIA’s Jihadi supply program. The Biden team may well reintroduce such a scheme.

    […]After four years of Russiagate nonsense, which Susan Rice had helped to launch, it is impossible to again ‘reset’ the relations with Russia. Biden could immediately agree to renew the New START treaty which limits strategic nuclear weapons but it is more likely that he will want to add, like with Iran’s nuclear deal, certain ‘amendments’ which will be hard to negotiate. Under Biden the Ukraine may be pushed into another war against its eastern citizens. Belarus will remain on the ‘regime change’ target list.

    […]All together the Biden/Harris regime will be a continuation of the Obama regime. It’s foreign policies will have awful consequences for a lot of people on this planet.

    Domestically Biden/Harris will revive all the bad feelings that led to the election of Donald Trump. The demographics of the election show no sign of a permanent majority for Democrats.

    It is therefore highly probable that Trump, or a more competent and thereby more dangerous populist republican, will again win in 2024.

  24. Giuliani Announces Lawsuit Update From Team Trump – We Have 2 Vehicles “Ready For The Supreme Court”

    What’s Happening:

    The media continues to push against the idea that the 2020 Election is not certified yet. They seem to want Trump and conservatives to just give up.

    But from all appearances, this battle seems like its only just getting started. The president promised to bring challenges to what he and others are calling problems in the election counting.

  25. Third Georgia County Finds Memory Card With Uncounted Votes
    By Ivan Pentchoukov
    November 18, 2020 Updated: November 18, 2020

    A third county in Georgia discovered a memory card with uncounted votes, a majority of which were cast for President Donald Trump, according to Georgia GOP Chairman David Shafer.

    “Our monitors tell us that Walton County election officials have found a memory card that was apparently not uploaded. The number of uncounted votes is not as large as in Floyd or Fayette but the President will pick up votes,” Shafer wrote on Twitter.

    According to Walton Tribune, Trump netted 176 votes as a result of the discovery.

    At a press conference on Tuesday night, Gabriel Sterling with the Georgia secretary of state’s office told reporters that, in Walton County, “there may be a memory card with 224 votes on it from an Election Day polling location.”

  26. COVIDGATE: The Corruption of Clinical Trials (Part One)
    Michelle Malkin
    By Michelle Malkin

    “Truly striking.” “Tremendous.” “Extraordinary.” “Miraculous.” “A great day for science and humanity.” Those are just a few of the hyperbolic responses from government health officials and Big Pharma cheerleaders to preliminary COVID vaccine trial data released by Pfizer and Moderna this past week.

    If it all sounds too good to be true, then congratulations: Your B.S. detector is fully charged and operational.

    Mask flip-flop-flipper Dr. Anthony Fauci proclaimed on Monday that COVID-19 vaccines are “the light at the end of the tunnel.” Pffft. He has been promising a “light at the end of the tunnel” since April when Americans were told to endure lockdowns for just “15 days to stop the spread.” Now, seven months later, Fauci tells us that we won’t return to “relative normalcy” until April 2021 — only after face diaper-wrapped citizens “do what you’re told” and “we get most of the country vaccinated.”

  27. The Kraken – Geller Report News
    By Clarice Feldman, American Thinker, November 15, 2020
    12-16 minutes

    A couple of nights ago on Lou Dobbs’s show, President Trump’s (and General Michael Flynn’s) lawyer Sidney Powell suggested there was massive fraud in the presidential election vote tabulations. She said she was about to “release the Kraken.” Lin Wood, the other most prominent Trump election counsel, suggested much the same explosion of evidence establishing the presidential vote tabulations were manipulated.

    There was a bizarre switch on election eve. As vote counting suddenly and oddly was halted in several key states, the tallies, which had shown that a substantial victory was in the offing for the President, suddenly — and statistically impossibly — ran up huge numbers for Biden and away from Trump. This certainly creates an impression that the shift was the result of theft.

  28. Georgia Poll Worker Says She Found ‘Pristine’ Batch of Ballots That Went ‘98%’ for Biden
    Woman says she took part in state recount, has 20 years’ experience in handling ballots
    By Jack Phillips
    November 18, 2020 Updated: November 18, 2020

    A Georgia poll worker who said she has 20 years of experience in handling ballots and recounts said in a sworn statement on Nov. 17 that she noticed an unusual batch of ballots in which the sheets had no signs of use or markings, and approximately 98 percent were marked for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

    Only about two of the ballots from that batch were marked for President Donald Trump, recount worker Susan Voyles said. Voyles filed an affidavit in support of attorney Lin Wood’s lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which she claimed that Raffensperger made changes to the state’s election policy, arguing that only Georgia’s legislature can make a change in a federal election.

  29. Iran Summons Italian Envoy to Protest Canada’s Anti-Human Rights Behavior

    “Iran summoned the Italian ambassador to Tehran, whose country represents Canadian interests in Iran, to protest the Canadian government’s anti-human approach towards civil and consular rights of Iranian nationals residing in the North American country.

    In a meeting on Tuesday, the director-general for US affairs at the Iranian foreign ministry conveyed to the Italian diplomat Iran’s strong protest at the Canadian government’s anti-human rights behavior and its hypocrisy with regards to the civil and consular rights of Iranian nationals living in Canada.

    The Italian ambassador was reminded that more than 400,000 Iranian expatriates in Canada have been deprived of receiving consular services over the past few years following the severance of ties between Iran and Canada.

    The Iranian official also dismissed as unacceptable and contrary to Ottawa’s human rights claims the Canadian government’s continued disregard for Iran’s requests for the establishment of a consular office or an interests section, and Canada’s dodging this humanitarian responsibility.

    The Iranian official also expressed Iran’s strong protest at other actions taken by the Canadian government.

    “Moreover, the Canadian government has turned this country into a safe haven for economic and financial offenders of the world, and keeps shirking the responsibility for prosecuting, arresting and extraditing criminals such as Mahmoud-Reza Khavari, who lives in Canada like an ordinary citizen despite having embezzled $2.6 billion,” said the Iranian official.

    “This comes as Khavari is on the Interpol’s Red Alert List, and the Canadian government is obliged to cooperate with Interpol to look into the issue and extradite Khavari,” he added.

    The Italian ambassador was also reminded that these are only two examples of the Canadian government’s anti-human rights actions and that Canada’s continued politically-motivated approaches will question its competence as a country that claims to advocate human rights while criticizing the status of human rights in other countries.”

  30. US Imposes Sanctions on Iran’s Intelligence Minister, Khamenei-linked Foundation

    “US President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday imposed sanctions on a major Iranian foundation and the country’s intelligence minister, further stepping up pressure before Joe Biden is sworn in.

    The Treasury Department said it was freezing any US interests of the Foundation of the Oppressed, officially a charitable organization for the poor that has sweeping interests across the Iranian economy including in oil and mining.

    The Treasury Department described the foundation as a “multibillion-dollar economic empire” and “key patronage network” for Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei that operates without government oversight, AFP reported.

    Also hit by sanctions was Iran’s minister for intelligence and security, Mahmoud Alavi, on human rights grounds, with the United States saying his agency is responsible for beatings and other abuse of political prisoners.

    The move comes as Iran offers to return to compliance with a nuclear deal negotiated under former president Barack Obama if Biden lifts sanctions after taking office on January 20.

    Outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, in an indirect response, vowed to keep imposing “painful consequences.”

    “The Iranian regime seeks a repeat of the failed experiment that lifted sanctions and shipped them huge amounts of cash in exchange for modest nuclear limitations,” he said in a statement.

    “This is indeed troubling, but even more disturbing is the notion that the United States should fall victim to this nuclear extortion and abandon our sanctions.””

  31. Arab Coalition intercepts armed Houthi drone targeting southern Saudi Arabia

    “The Arab Coalition forces intercepted and destroyed an explosives-laden drone launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia toward the southern region of Saudi Arabia late Wednesday.

    In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency, the coalition spokesman Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Maliki said: The Joint Coalition Forces have intercepted and destroyed this evening (Wednesday) a bomb-laden drone launched systematically and deliberately by the terrorist Houthi militia to target civilians and civilian objects in the southern region.”

    In the last few months, the Houthi militia has stepped up drone and missile attacks targeting civilian areas in the Kingdom.

    Last Wednesday, the Arab Coalition also intercepted and destroyed two explosive-laden boats south of the Red Sea launched by the Houthi militia. — SG”

  32. Iran will return to nuclear deal if US sanctions are lifted, Zarif says

    “Iran will fully return to its nuclear commitments if US President-elect Joe Biden lifts sanctions imposed over the past two years, Foreign Minister Javad Zarif says.

    In an interview published in the state-run Iran Daily on Wednesday, Zarif said “if the US meets its commitments under [UN Security Council] Resolution 2231, we will fulfill ours under the JCPOA”.

    “If the US seeks to join the [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] again, we are ready to negotiate the terms and conditions of Washington’s membership in the deal,” he added.

    Biden has repeatedly said he would rejoin the landmark 2015 accord, which was negotiated between Iran and six world powers, if Iran returns to compliance. US President Donald Trump’s administration unilaterally walked out of the deal in 2018.

    In an op-ed published by CNN in September, Biden said he would offer Iran a “credible path back to diplomacy”…”

  33. Greece facing UN legal action over illegal deportation of Syrian to Turkey

    “Greece is to be targeted by a case being filed at the United Nations’ human rights committee for illegally expelling a Syrian refugee, in what is the latest allegation of Greece committing such a violation of human rights this year.

    The 26-year-old unnamed man, who spoke to the British newspaper the Guardian about his story, had been granted asylum in Germany before he found out in 2016 that his 11-year-old brother had gone missing around the border from Turkey to Greece while trying to follow him to Europe.

    The man then travelled to Greece’s northeastern Evros region where his brother was last heard of, telling the paper that “All I could think about was my brother.” While conducting his search in a small town by showing people a photograph of his brother, three Greek police officers arrested him and took him to a detention centre where he was strip-searched, had his identification and asylum papers confiscated, and he was locked up in a cell with 50 other detainees.

    Then, late that night, they were taken to the border with Turkey and placed in a small boat in the Evros River, where they were picked up by the Turkish military hours later.

    After going to the German embassy in Istanbul to recover his documents, he was made to wait three years while making 11 unsuccessful attempts to again reach Greece. Eventually he made it to the Greek capital Athens where he received help from an NGO named Human Rights 360. Through the help of a lawyer, he was able to return to Germany late last year and had his residency status reinstated in May this year.

    The man still has not heard any news of his disappeared brother, however, and waits in hope. Meanwhile, he has accepted the filing of his case against Greece, stating: “There are so many people who are oppressed and face great injustice…others should know about this.”

    A researcher who has worked on his case at the London-based Global Legal Action Network, Amanda Brown, told the Guardian that his story is “an emblematic and aggravated example of Greece’s clandestine deportation apparatus” from which “even his EU asylum status, which Germany had granted him, couldn’t protect him.”

    She stressed that it is “inhuman and manifestly unlawful” that “A legally present foreign national is apprehended, solely due to his race and national origin…stripped of his documentation, subjected to an enforced disappearance, and violently expelled overnight to a country he did not come from. He is then forced to endure repeated instances of border violence until he can recover his documents and return home years later.”

    Over the past nine years of the ongoing Syrian conflict, millions of refugees have flowed through Turkey and into Europe until the 2015 migrant deal between the EU and Turkey. After the EU failed to deliver on its part of the deal, including the provision of money and other benefits to help Turkey keep the refugees from entering Europe, Turkey finally opened its border to Greece in February this year to let the refugees make their passage.

    Since then, the Greek border guards and police have been accused of committing numerous human rights violations against refugees attempting to enter Europe, including pushing back and shooting at refugee boats, detaining and torturing them at secret black sites, and stripping them naked and stealing from them before sending them back across the border.

    In August, it was discovered that Greece had secretly expelled 1,000 refugees and abandoned them at sea to fend for themselves.”

  34. New Zealand’s Police Create Hijab Uniform Cap for Muslim Officers

    “New Zealand’s police force has introduced a uniform with Hijab (a headscarf) for Muslim women among its staff.

    Constable Zeena Ali will be the first female police officer to wear the new cap.

    New Zealand police affirmed that they worked with Massey University’s School of Design to come up with a hijab that suits police work.

    Ali stated that police and Massey’s team were “really easy to work with” during the design process. She hopes this initiative will inspire more Muslim women to join the police.

    She told the New Zealand Herald that she decided to join the police force following the terror attack of Christchurch in which an armed Australian man killed 51 people in local mosques.

    Other non-Muslim countries have introduced uniforms with Hijab for Muslim women, including England and Scotland.

    The Metropolitan Police in London and Scotland approved a uniform with Hijab in 2006 and 2016, respectively.

    In Australia, Police of Victoria allow female police officers to wear the hijab…”

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