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3 Replies to “The Canadian Military wages war on Canadians”

  1. It’s an important story in that all trust in the military has vanished for those in the know, never to be trusted again.

    It also brings to mind Canada’s Procurement request for 36,000 munitions, anti-riot military-grade, delivery by March 21, 2021.

  2. – Once again, nobody bids on federal firearms buyback program –

    The most recent tender description said the government wanted the buyback program plans completed by March 31, 2021. Now, it’s been three months since the first tender went out, and it seems the feds can’t get any interested takers.

    Possible options

    There are at least three choices ahead. First, the government could post the tender again, perhaps with a modified timeline or some other changes. Maybe a company would bite this time.

    Second, the federal government could design its own program—hand it off to some bureaucrats, and see what they come up with.

    Third, the government could scrap the idea of a buyback, and go straight to confiscation with no compensation. This third option is probably what Canadian firearms owners are most concerned about. It’s doubtful any compensation plan would every pay fair market value for a kitted-out tactical rifle. However, some sort of remuneration would be preferable to none, for many owners.

    Stay tuned on this one, as we’ll likely see some sort of government announcement on the process in coming weeks.


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