Covid, leftism and things not directly related to the US election: Post 1, November 13, 2020

1. The Covid Crisis is a sort of Constitutional Stress Test

2. Another BC parent attempts to fight the government which talked a child into getting major surgery to look like the other sex.

3. India hits back at Pakistan

4. China arranges to censor Taiwan and its major Covid successes on FACEBOOK

5. French Teen Hospitalised With Multiple Stabbing Injuries Near School in Angers, Reports Say

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – A 16-year-old boy was stabbed several times near a school in the southern French city of Angers, Maine-et-Loire region, media in France reported on Friday.

The BFMTV broadcaster said that the incident had unfolded around 11:30 a.m. local time (10:30 GMT) and the boy had been urgently hospitalised.

According to the report, three individuals, supposedly linked to the incident, are currently at large.

5b. Linked here is a peaceful daylight stabbingof a kid in the Netherlands from yesterday

5C. London stabbing horror: Teenager killed in attack in park near Wembley in broad daylight

The Met Police were called shortly before 4pm to Northwick Park in Harrow following reports of a stabbing. Officers at the scene found a male, believed to be 17-years-old, suffering from stab injuries. The victim was treated by officers before emergency crews from the London Ambulance Service arrived.

6. ‘Smug’ Sadiq Khan left speechless as fuming Londoner calls him ‘worst mayor in history’

(Khan is the perfect leftist-Islamic hybrid, using leftist language to force sharia conformity on London while using Islam to negate as much of British history and customs as he can for the left)

7. Lets consider for a moment, that people who do not want to take a hastily made untested vaccine for a disease that affects almost nobody, are being called, “anti-vaxxers” in much the way people who actually follow climate science and so are anti man made global warming, or people who believe there are biological differences between the sexes, are somehow anti-science:

Workplaces Could Bar Anti-Vaxxers If They Refuse Covid Jab, Tory MP Says

Tom Tugendhat tells HuffPost UK that if there is a coronavirus vaccine then rejecting it “is going to have consequences”.

Anti-vaxxers who reject a safe coronavirus jab may not be allowed back into their physical workplace by their employers, a senior Tory MP has said.

Tom Tugendhat told HuffPost UK he can “certainly see the day” when bosses do not allow people into the office unless they have received a Covid vaccine.

A similar system could work with social venues like pubs and restaurants asking for vaccination certificates before allowing people in.

He compared it to foreign travel, where visitors to certain countries have to show evidence of vaccination against diseases like yellow fever to be allowed into the country.

Tugendhat spoke to HuffPost UK’s Commons People podcast following the news that a vaccine being developed by Pfizer and BioNTech was found to be 90% effective.

8. Islamists Threaten Austrian Interior Minister’s Family After Crackdown

Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and his family have received death threats from radical Islamic extremists after the government raided and shut down mosques in the aftermath of the Vienna terror attack.

Nehammer told Austrian media that his wife and children were now under 24-hour police protection due to the death threats and were being guarded by the elite anti-terrorist Cobra unit.

According to Nehammer, the threats were nothing new to him as he had received many in the past, but threats against his family members were, tabloid Kronen Zeitungreports.

On Wednesday, the Austrian government announced it would be seeking new measures to prevent future terrorist attacks and presented a new proposal that will include preventative detention of those deemed to be at risk of conducting a terrorist attack.

9. Turkish Ultranationalist Grey Wolves Protest in Malmö After Being Banned in France

The Turkish ultranationalist Grey Wolves attended a protest in the multicultural city of Malmö, Sweden after the group was banned in France.

The Turkish group showed up at a pro-Azerbaijan protest in Malmö last weekend, which was supporting the country in its recent conflict with Armenia.

According to a report by Swedish newspaper Expressen, the Grey Wolves invited supporters to the protest through their Facebook account to show solidarity with their “blood brothers in Azerbaijan”.

The paper added that pictures from the protest also depicted demonstrators making the wolf’s head hand gesture commonly associated with the group.

10. What is latin for the opposite side of Qui Bono? Who doesn’t suffer from, is what we need in latin.

Deutsche Bank Wants ‘Privilege Tax’ Imposed on People Who Work from Home

German banking giant Deutsche Bank is calling for a “privilege tax” to be imposed on people who work from home, to erase their savings from not having to commute or pay for food on their lunch breaks.

Writing in a paper for the bank titled What Must We Do to Rebuild? analyst Luke Templeman lamented the fact that “remote workers are contributing less to the infrastructure of the economy whilst still receiving its benefits.”

“That is a big problem for the economy,” he complained — as if spending much of one’s pay on commuting, dry-cleaning work clothes, and so on to boost the GDP is something of a civic duty — and proposed a 5 per cent “privilege tax” to recoup the economy’s imagined “loss”.

“Working from home will be part of the ‘new normal’ well after the pandemic has passed,” explained Jim Reid, Global Head of Fundamental Credit Strategy and Thematic Research at the German banking corporation.

“Our calculations suggest the amounts raised [from taxing home workers] could fund material income subsidies for low-income earners who are unable to work remotely and thus assume more ‘old economy’ and health risks,” he suggested.

Thank you C., Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, Johnny U., Kim F., Hellequin GB., ET., EB., Malca, Marianne W., Miss Piggy, and MANY more who are eyes wide and not shut.

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  1. 3 – It is too cold and icy in the mountains for China to harass India so they are having Pakistan start trouble so India will have to move personal and equipment They are counting on the Dems to either win the election or create so much trouble in the US that they will have either a free or a semi free hand in the Far East to seize land and water. We won’t know if this tactic is working until we see how big and how intense the civil war is.

    7 – There are two new religions on earth, 1 is the man made global warming religion and 2 is the Covid 19 religion. Note the similarity in speech about non believers with the two new religions and the religion of Marxism. Disagree with any of them and you are evil who must at the least be shunned and if they get the power killed.

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