Non-US election related items, Islam, migration and leftism: Links post 1 for November 10, 2020

1. Rebel reporter, David Menzies gets attacked and has his mic grabbed and smashed by a leftist again

2. Why is the Covid19 death rate so low?

3. Listen to the cognitive dissonance inducing tortured language of this video. “Right wing islamistic terror attack in Vienna”. Somehow islam is now right wing.

4. Another murder of a white farmer in South Africa because he is white

5. Brazil halts Chinese-made Covid Vaccine trials over death

6. Claim: French Prez Macron to Demand EU End Customs Union with Turkey

French President Emmanuel Macron will demand the European Union dissolve a customs union agreement with Turkey in response to aggressive rhetoric from Ankara, a new claim contends.

The French government is expected to present the proposal to the European Council in a pushback against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s aggressive policies in the eastern Mediterranean, along with recent comments directed at the French leader.

Broadcaster Europe1 published the claims in a report, which states that it had received information that the Macron government was looking to sanction Turkey after President Erdogan had referred to Macron as having mental issues.

7. Omar Khadr’s sister suing federal government after she was barred from flying back to Canada

(Maybe if we change the name of the country to Khadrda they will stop suing us for stuff they did and other people did as a response)

OTTAWA — The older sister of former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr is suing the federal government for refusing to allow her to fly to Canada.

Zaynab Khadr filed an appeal in Federal Court on Friday seeking an order forcing the minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness to remove her name from Canada’s no-fly list, saying it has no grounds to consider her a threat.

She says she is a Canadian citizen and was denied boarding in Europe in February when trying to travel back to Canada with her five children. 

8. Ex cop arrested for protesting lockdowns in Melbourne

9. So wait, Ontario building Covid isolation facilities is paranoid BS or a really great accomplishment by government?

10. This is a clear bit of policy-reveal

11. FUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE RUMBLE  Charity of married boss who romped with toyboy migrant in Calais Jungle ‘suspends operations after refugee lover tried to burn down HQ’

A MARRIED charity boss who had a secret fling with a migrant toyboy lover while working at the Calais Jungle has stepped back from her role due to ill-health after the refugee reportedly tried to burn down her organisation’s HQ.

Clare Moseley fell for Tunisian Mohamed Bajjar, 27, after meeting him at the migrant camp in her role as founder of Care4Calais.

We revealed earlier this year that Clare, 46, set up a secret love nest with the conman.

She had boasted publicly of her charity’s zero-tolerance policy on sex with migrants, while shacking up with Bajjar – who had been posing as a Syrian to sneak into Britain.

But now reports have emerged that earlier this month Bajjar broke into the Care4Calais warehouse in northern France and poured petrol around the building in an apparent act of revenge after their relationship ended.

Thank you EB., Richard, KF., M., Wrath of Khan, Xanthippa, Mad W., Johnny U., ET., Oz-Rita, Mariane W., and MANY more who are keeping their wits around them as so many others are tossing them on the bonfire.

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3 Replies to “Non-US election related items, Islam, migration and leftism: Links post 1 for November 10, 2020”

  1. 3 – The left has been using Islam to destroy Western Civilization so then can take over Europe. They have also been demonizing the right to destroy everyone who will oppose their conquest of Europe. Now the Jihadists and the Islamist’s are right wing.

    Anyone see a pattern here?

    • They created/imported this monster (with the help of conservatives-in-name-only the world over) – will they be able to tame or control it? I rather think not.

  2. 3. “Right wing islamistic terror attack in Vienna”. Somehow islam is now right wing.”

    Remember the phrases “do not resist evil, “turn the other cheek”?

    It mean, when dhimmi-males ever try to project onto you that they are all men, they are not men. They are just more of the demoralized, who demand to be fed lies of Respect.

    The demons of the demoralized Left (demanding to become the true female) call out the demons of the demoralized “Right” (demanding to dominate all females). Those who hate their mothers and those who blame their mothers: Communism and Fascism. Poly-femaled or mono-femaled. Diversity or Racial purity. Left and Right, for them, means Sub and Dom.

    For the sane, Left means feminine and Right means masculine. But those who demand totalitarian control of the Media, the battle for Hell on Earth, it does not.

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