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8 Replies to “Feels like this should be posted again”

  1. Biden wants to escort President Trump from the White House. Oh God! Their level of aggression is increasing by the day.

    I’ve read everything I can read from both sides. All these Biden ballots, it can’t be explained.

    I’ve never seen or read of such a highly organized coup d’état without bloodshed.

    Does anyone feel their blood pressure rising? Very cold anger.

    • Argentina had a few bloodless coups until Peron took over then he started killing people.

      The left is dreaming if they think that the people (once they discover what Biden is really all about) are going to set still and let him turn the US into another communist hell hole.

    • Madness — Soros was not kidding after the 2016 election when he said Trump will not win in 2020. A lot of elites in U S attended the meeting in Davos to plot Donald Trumps demise.


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