Ten items of interest, Islam, and election tampering: Links 1, November 4, 2020

1. Muslim gets people to convert to Islam while burning photos of Macron and leading around someone with a Macron mask on with her wrists tied.

2. Priti Patel urges public to ‘be alert’ for terror threats in urgent statement

Home Secretary Priti Patel instructed Britons to remain alert as the UK raises its terrorist threat level. Ms Patel said the threat level had been raised from substantial to severe meaning that an attack is highly likely. Ms Patel added that this was connected to the recent attacks that had occurred in European countries. 

She said: “The British public should be alert but not alarmed and this is a precautionary measure following the terrible incidents we have seen in France last week and the events we saw in Austria last night.

“The first and most important duty of the Government is obviously to protect the British public and we are doing that and will continue to do that through the measure and tools we have put in place in terms of dealing with terrorists and terrorist activity.

“At this particular stage, if the public have any concerns I would ask that they report anything of concern that they may have to the police.

“But as I have said, this is a precautionary measure in light of recent events we have seen.” 

(Guns and knives are illegal for normal citizens in the UK. So I wonder what exactly, “be alert” means? Its not like they can go out anywhere. I suppose it means especially don’t plan on going to a Church or Synagogue or pub. Curious that. Perfect conformity to sharia laws as well as Covid regs.)

3. Austrian leaders cash in their shares in teddy bears and tea lights as they spread BS for the victims of last night’s attack while doing absolutely nothing about the problem of Islam in Austria.

4. Philly cheating

5. So, mail in ballots weren’t necessary at all?

6. Excellent points. Only some victims count and often they aren’t even victims at all.

7. Stillbirths Nearly Double During UK’s First Lockdown

There were nearly double the number of stillbirths during the height of the coronavirus lockdown, with concerns the “protect the NHS” message may have discouraged women from seeking urgent medical help.

According to recent figures reported in the Health Services Journal, there were 40 stillbirths after labour in England between April and June, nearly double the 24 from the same time last year. As a result, the UK’s Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) said it will launch a review of the increase.

The HSIB’s clinical director, Louise Page, said, according to the Daily Mail: “One of the big concerns across the healthcare system is about whether there had been unintended consequences of some of the changes that took place in March and April.

“We’re now looking at whether women were seeking healthcare in different ways during that time, the impact of lockdown, the impact of [early in the pandemic] the uncertainty over whether pregnant women were going to be more at risk in the same way that we know that they were in the H1N1 flu.”

8. Youtube pulled this video down yesterday or before. As its an important one, here it is again:

9. ANTIFA on the march last night

10. Trudeau sure has an interesting schedule

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Malca, Johnny U., Richard, MissPiggy, Nash Montana, Hellequin GB., EB., Xanthippa, and MANY more. Crazy day yesterday to be followed by another one today. At this stage it seems to us that the plan is to delegitimize a Trump government by blurring what is obviously a major Trump victory. So expect that kind of news from Twitter and the MSM across the board for some time.


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4 Replies to “Ten items of interest, Islam, and election tampering: Links 1, November 4, 2020”

  1. We are having to wait until the Democrats get through voting before we will know who won. The “New Modern Up To Date” mail in voting system was designed to let the Democrats steal the election while providing employment for hundreds of lawyers. After the law suits are over Trump should be declared the winner (he won the legitimate votes) but even with a 6-3 SCOTUS we can’t be sure of this.

    The secondary purpose of the “New Modern Up To Date” mail in ballot system was to cast doubt on the legitimacy on the voting system and the electoral system. They are succeeding in this effort, the ballot counting is suppose to be over by Friday, then the law suits start. President Trump is going to sue in all states he lost and Biden will sue in all states he lost. This means 50 law suits minimum headed for the Supreme Court, to add to the chaos we have Pelosi getting ready to say that the Congress (The current Congress would give the Presidency to Donal Trump, if the rules are followed and the Republicans will be in a stronger position in the new Congress.

    Now add in antifa getting ready to try and carry out their threat to burn down the nation if Biden isn’t elected. Add the bureaucrats who are on the video saying they are going to carry out a coup if Trump wins.

    All of the above is a recipe for chaos and possibly competing claims of victory with two people taking the oath of office at different locations.

    • Very serious stuff.
      I’m looking at the latest video at Sunrise Expose.

      I’m still floored by last night’s election and the massive fraud in play. No way did Joe Biden get all these votes. I saw all the various strategies to cheat the vote.

      I’m in shock!

      • We are headed for the Courts to decide the election, once that is done we are headed into an asymmetric civil war that will last a long time. During that Civil War China and Turkey are going to make their moves to seize land and power.

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