Second post dedicated to evidence of massive election tampering

Curious action by violent leftists

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  1. it is not i beleive 93 % of the votes it is 93% of precincts….and evry precinct has a very different number of voters….plus a lot of these votes are mail in and absentee, so that can also account for the large change….not saying they are not cheating ….it is just not so cut and dry….and for me honestly ..that is the real problem…..cheating we can plainly see can be corrected in the future, hidden cheating cannot!

  2. It is 93% of the precincts not 93% of the votes but that big a shift in such a small number of the precincts is suspicious.

    Yes the mystery ballots found in the closet or dumpster is concerning.

    Right now the entire thing in up to the courts meaning eventually SCOTUS and that is going to touch off a lot of screaming.

    The mail in voting is working as planned, it is spreading chaos and mistrust, thankfully we have full 9 Judge Court instead of a lame 8 Judge Court that would have created more chaos.

  3. Joe Biden brags about having “the most extensive and inclusive VOTER FRAUD organization” in history.
    Donald J. Trump – October 24, 2020

  4. The BIG CHEAT is coming ’round to home base and it slides on mail-in votes. Mail-ins were never necessary because Covid-19 is the sister BIG CHEAT to that BIG CHEAT.

    So, what? Two men declare themselves President? That means civil war.

    • Yup civil war, the real violence won’t start until after the Supreme Court rules which will be some time before the end of the month. If they follow the laws Trump will win and the left will revolt. If they don’t follow the laws the Trump base will revolt.

    • Tucker, one of the few honest men left on Fox News should have a very interesting show tonight.

      After 2016 vote George Soros claims narcissistic, bad man Trump will not win 2020.

      Announcement we must have mail in votes
      Trump draws thousands to rallies.
      Biden stays in basement until last minute
      Fox News calls Arizona with 74 % of the vote in. CNN and left loons at MSNBC did not call Arizona —well if Fox did, it must be right.
      Biden address his few followers around midnight, we are going to win.

      Some signatures do not match signatures on records. How many people who died of COVID Actually voted.

      So called news media help spread garbage about Trump and totally ignored the rot of the Hunter Biden.

      Shameful newscaster in Canada reminds people of the conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush. Never speaks about Justine and Wifelet living in separate houses Canadians are paying for.

      Woman who claimed Joe 30330 grabbed her is not mentioned, like poor women Billy Clinton abused.

      Be afraid people, be afraid of the media monsters and the Global madmen.

      • DON’T be afraid!
        Let media monsters scare themselves.
        And global madmen can go to the devil.

        Gird your loins, hold the fort, we will not be slaves!
        I've run out of cliches, but you know what I mean.

        • Thank you dear yucki, I do know what you mean, I fear for my American grandchildren. I spent 35 years running campaigns and training people to work in returning offices here in Canada, I know dead people can vote — this is a monumental scam. A Secretary of State is only as good as their honour. I am tired of people selling their soul.

        • What I really hate is nicey-nice people on our side ready to concede to avoid a fight. That’s the surest path to doom – no hyperbole if you know the slightest bit of history.

          They’re either, “It’s G-d’s will, we’re sinners,” or, pacifist appeasers, “Let’s avoid the riots, the disgrace, the scandal. It’s only one election…”

          Thin gruel. Pretending to be above it all is cowardice. You fight rotten, mafia politics, or you’ll end up looking like Italy or Canada. Or any number of other, formerly advanced countries that are sinking into red-green hellholes.

          • You got it, there are still several paths to victory but all of them also lead to communist thugs rioting and trying to use force to seize control of the country. We either fight to preserve our freedom or we sink into Third World hell hole status with all of our rights stripped from us.

  5. So it looks like Joe Biden is the next President of the United States. With Wisconsin gone there simply aren’t enough Electoral College seats left in the Trump-leading states to meet the “270” mark. It’s over. Trump is gone and the Democrats are going to have The House of Representatives, the Executive, and very possibly the Senate. We can all now look forward to the peace of Allah and the Democrats can continue bringing in illegals until the Republicans are simply swamped out of existence and the Democrats are assured of permanent eternal victory.

    Now stay tuned for the signing of the Paris Climate Accord and the beginning of real climate change tyranny. Soon everything you do will have to be “essential” otherwise you’ll be killing the planet and you’ll lose social credit points and face fines – and you’ll still have to wear a fucking mask as you pay exorbitant “carbon premiums”…

    Won’t it be fun having Antifa types shouting insults and threats at you as you try to mow your non-essential lawn without your mask?

    • Chris Jones- I don’t think you know who you are dealing with. There are over 70 million Trump supporters and I daresay most of them are locked and loaded thanks to our 2nd Amendment.

      We will not be going down without a fight. You completely underestimate American patriots. Go troll somewhere else please.

      • You’ve mistaken my meaning and my intentions. I am totally bummed by the defeat of Donald Trump and am not suggesting that Americans will not do something about this electoral travesty. I am a big fan of Donald Trump. I’m just saying that he’s lost the election I’m just saying that Joe Biden has won and is about to become the next President. They did it. They beat us. As far as I’m concerned it’s the end of the freaking world. I am not trolling anyone except Nancy Pelosi. There’s probably going to be a civil war. I feel like throwing up…

        You should read a bit more carefully before you go off on people half-cocked, Seneca.

          • Let’s pray for the recount. I feel like jumping off a cliff. Trudeau in Canada, communists sweep New Zealand, no free-speech in Britain, people being arrested for not wearing masks in Australia. Racist genocide looming in South Africa. This is exactly what Yuri Bezmenov warned about when the West hits the “crisis” phase of the covert revolution. I think we’re in the middle of a very intense war and we don’t even know it. I do believe that at this moment the bad guys are all sitting back and smiling and saying, “Excellent…excellent…”.

            • There will be a lot of recounts, most court ordered because of funny things happening during the counting or voting. Arizona and screw voting at some polling places, WI had some funny counting, both are headed to court. The Dems are trying to build a narrative during the crooked counting and the propaganda media is helping them.

            • Chris, I am not allowed to visit my grandchildren in the US but the feckless SOB Justine Trudeau still allows people to walk into,Canada. times they are a changing.

              I assume you are Canadian, never say die.

              • I believe that the big prize for the left is climate change and nothing could be better for the climate change con than for Donald Trump to disappear. Trump was the only leader on earth to openly and accurately call it a “hoax” and it enraged them beyond belief. Now the lying bastards are going to have a clean sweep and I’m afraid we’re going to start really suffering soon as they turn it into a “crisis” and start the “War on CO2” and begin imposing carbon taxes and arresting people for “non-essential” activities. Oh, how they’re going to love bullying us with their lies and their big thick books full of regulations. And Donald Trump won’t be there to fight back while everyone else is too scared to speak…

                • Chris watch the videos where antifa and Saunders followers are saying they are going to use violence to burn the system down no matter who wins. The listen to the Brad Johnson interview where he says he has hear talk about how the retired Spec Ops personnel are getting tired of the violence. This means they are also getting tired of the Dems try to take our rights away.

      • Hi Seneca, good to “see” you!

        ==> Chris is a clear-thinking *CANADIAN*.

        Our northern brethren naturally feel defeated – they’re living the nightmare we’re desperate to avoid.

        Canada is even more saturated with enemedia than we are. People seek out alternatives, find useful bits swimming in doom-porn. Better than nothing, but it’s not wholesome, they become defeatist.

        You’re in Killer-Cuomo Hell, I’m in the People’s Republic of Boston. Richard’s a vet in fly-over.
        We’re encouraging our dear Canucks, keeping the flag high and the lighthouse manned.

        • In Canada, there is no Fox News. A government regulating body called the CRTC made sure of that by pulling the licence of the only conservative channel which then morphed into “The Rebel” and is available online only. Up here, nobody knows anything at all about what’s really going on. Our Newscasters are all very good looking and incredibly likeable and would never lie to us…

      • The left thinks they are winning, all they are doing is showing the Trump supporters that we can no longer depend on the Constitution and the Rule of Law to protect us. Things are breaking nasty but in the end we always win our wars.

    • Are there enough to stop Biden from reaching 270? If neither candidate reaches 270 the House decides the next President.

      In the cases where the House decides the President each state gets 1 vote to be determined by majority vote of the members of that states delegates. While the large population states gives the Dems the majority of delegates in the House over half of the states have majority Repub delegates. This would give us a Second Trump term.

      Also with the crooked voting the Courts will order manual recounts which may switch several states to Trump.

      Also if the vote counting isn’t finished in all states in time for the states to select the electors for the electoral collage vote (December 8 and December14) the vote is thrown into the House. As I explained above this will give Trump another term. This and the either candidate gets to 270 are the last desperate chances for Trump to win and go into the civil war as President.

      I prefer the left to start the war to the Conservatives starting the war.

  6. WATCH LIVE: Former Vice President Biden speaks as presidential vote count continues
    PBS NewHour – Streamed live 30 minutes ago.
    Stage left @ 3:05…

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