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4 Replies to “The Democrat strategy to delay and steal the election?”

  1. The Democrat plan is to ensure that there is no clear winner today or tomorrow, they want to be able to sue and discover new ballots until they can declare victory. The Republicans will fight to keep the newly discovered ballots from being counted and the Dems will scream voter suppression. Counted or not counted they help the left spread doubt about the legitimacy of the election.

    The more doubt the greater the chaos and that is what the left wants chaos to make the nation ungovernable. This election isn’t going to solve anything but when Trump wins we will have a better chance of remaining free.

      • I trust them to betray us unless someone like Reagan or Trump is in the White House, that is why I worry so much about who will follow Trump. Of course the Never Trumpers have pretty will cooked their own goose with the Repub base so we are seeing the party change.

        Personally I don’t trust many politicians and those I do trust I watch closely, right now the three I am watching are Pence, Cruz and Hawely. Nickely is closing on the top three but hasn’t made it up there yet.

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