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13 Replies to “Indian news on Trudeau’s abandonment of meaningful freedom of speech”

  1. A pity that Trudeau wasn’t thrown out with the Bathwater.
    Would have saved a lot of People a lot of grief.

  2. It’s a great jab at Turdy, though she doesn’t make him look quite bad enough: they’re actually continuing to sell weapons to Turkey, for example.

  3. So, if you happen to find yourself in a theater that happens to be a full house and you suddenly discover that there’s a fire, is it illegal to yell “fire!” in that crowded theater? Are you supposed to let everybody burn and trample each other rather than do the unthinkable and yell “fire! in a crowded theater? What are you supposed to yell – “ELEPHANT!”?

    • You’re supposed to yell “Allahu Ackbar”!

      The “fire in a crowded theatre” limitation is only when there isn’t actually a fire. That’s the proper way it should be.

      The Turdy way is you never get to say anything “hurtful” – i.e., damaging to the power structure of which is a part.

    • Judging by the faraway loving look Trudeau gets in his eyes whenever he says the word “Islam” I would say that he has gone ahead and converted years ago. Like, isn’t that exactly the kind of groovy wacky far-out thing that a twit like him would think was cool? Long after the nation of “Canada” has been eradicated and replaced by Chinese and Islamic colonies the world will remember the names Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau as the fathers of Canadian obliteration. True evil bastards, the both of them. Probably simple communists doing what communists do and attacking the hated West, West, West, plus giving a black eye to those damn Anglo bastard. The finest line in the world has got to be the line between “leftist” and “traitor”…

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