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4 Replies to “Brad Johnson on rumours of post-election violence and resultant vigilantism”

  1. You are both right when Trump wins the left is going to try to start riots in as many locations as they can, in the Dem controlled cities they will succeed. Your are also both right about the vigilantism (Vigilantes form in the areas where the organized law breaks down, usually from the top and medium officials giving aid to the criminals.) The retired Marines and the retired Spec Ops groups are tight knit (as Brad Points out) and there are indeed rumblings that they have had enough of the riots and violence. These are the people/groups with the training and experience to build intel files of the people who are rioting, keeping the police from stopping the riots and the people who are directing and funding the riots.

    These groups will have teams (experienced teams) assigned to specific targets and will as Brad put it disappear their targets where possible. In some locations the local police will be helping the Vigilantes and in others they will be helping the rebels. There will be intel files on which police are good guys and which are enemies. These groups are composed of (for the most part) of Law and Order people who will be fighting to reestablish law and order.

    As was often the case on the Frontier first will come order then will come law.

    • I was reading VTB from 4 years ago.
      We did it before
      and we can do it again!

      I was *physically* sick for three months before the election. Giving up garbage-media 100% – The Boycott List – has helped a lot.

      Also, PT rallies the troops!

  2. It would be interesting to see what the Trudeau government has planned in case any of the violence spills over into Canada…..Increased border patrols and/or police back up at Ports of Entry….I’ll wager……nothing….as Trudeau appears to support anarchy…..this may not bode well for Canadians resident in potentially vulnerable areas………

  3. I have to say he is right. On the upside, Democrat cities will take the brunt.
    It won’t last long, maybe two weeks. What I fear is Antifa rooftop snipers in Republican cities.

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