Macron says France ‘under attack’ as police foil fourth attack: Links 1 for October 29, 2020

1. Project Veritas busts a never-trumper GOP candidate for paying for voter fraud

2. UN anti-extremist body outraged over CARTOONS but NOT over multiple murders of random people by Muslims. This ALONE should justify abandoning the UN as a rotten corpse of what it once was.

U.N. Chief Demands Respect for Muslim World as Protests Erupt over ‘Inflammatory’ Cartoons

The chief of a U.N. anti-extremism body expressed “deep concern” Wednesday as Muslims around the world reacted to cartoons featuring Mohammed, saying “insulting religions and sacred religious symbols provokes hatred and violent extremism.”

Miguel Angel Moratinos, who heads the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, spoke amid growing anger in the Islamic world over France’s response to the brutal public beheading of a teacher who had shown his pupils the images as part of a class on free speech.

3. Brian Lilley tweet asking Twitter to maybe try at least to stop being a propaganda organ

4. “To each according to his ability and to each according to his needs” _Karl Marx.

I guess AOC’s needs are a lot higher than most people’s

A comment under this post on Twitter chastises Ingram, saying she/we don’t know AOC. Ok then. Let’s learn about her:

5. Scotland introduces ‘hate speech at home’ laws.

6. India supports Macron’s position on preservation of freedom of speech, in opposition to Turkey’s attacks on the French leader.

7. So long as its going to a good cause

8. A worthy analysis of how and why Social Media attacks president Trump on behalf of their Chinese masters.

9. The attacker in France:

10. Macron says France ‘under attack’ as police foil fourth attack

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared the country ‘under attack’ and said soldiers would be posted at churches to ‘protect’ them. The country is reeling from a string of incidents feared to be terror-related, beginning with a knife attack in Nice that left three people dead and several others injured. Mr Macron halted a parliament debate on coronavirus lockdown to visit the scene of the tragedy in the southern city. He told reporters in Nice: ‘If we are attacked, it is because of our values, our values of freedom and our desire not to yield to terror.


The list is long on this one. But let me at least acknowledge C., Blazing Cat Fur, Oz-Rita, M., MarcusZ1967, Wrath of Khan, Marianne W., Tania Groth, MissPiggy, Hellequin GB., Gates of Vienna, Richard, ET., Johnny U., and SO many more who are wide awake and doing what they can.

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  1. 6 & 10 – It would be ironic if the Moslems reaction to the cartoons and the beheadings force Macron into becoming what the Indians think he is.

    It would also be nice if Marine le Pen is elected because of the attacks.

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